Live Blog | VSA Council December 9, 2012 

Evening, everyone!

7:01 | Attendance

All members in attendance.

Consent Agenda

  1. $4,000 from the Discretionary Fund to Debate
  2. $1680 from the Discretionary Fund to No Offense
  3. $3,000 from the Speakers, Lectures, and Panels Fund to SASA
  4. $170 from the Speakers, Lectures, and Panels Fund to VHP
  5. $400 from the Capital Fund to VHP
  6. $500 from the Discretionary Fund to FWA
  7. $1020 from the Conference Fund to Aircapella
  8. $800 from the Speakers, Lectures, and Panels Fund to Wordsmiths
  9. $700 from the Discretionary Fund to EMS
  10. $0 from the Speakers, Lectures, and Panels Fund to VARC
  11. Minutes from 12/2 meeting

A member of the audience from Vassar Animal Rights Coalition (VARC) has challenged their allocation of $0. They explain that, due to an error in communication, they were unable to attend the Finance Committee meeting in which the allocation was discussed. She continues by describing the nature of the conference that VARC hopes to use the funding for, saying that it is meant to bridge the gap between activism and academia.

Josselyn House President Casey Hancock ’15 suggests that this discussion be continued in a closed Finance Committee meeting. The conversation continues nevertheless.

VARC expects between 70 and 100 non-student attendees.

Jewett House President Ben Morse ’14 echoes Hancock’s suggestion for a private discussion.

President Jason Rubin ’13 asks about fundraising efforts. VARC has solicited the Drama Department, Education Department, and student organizations. However, only a few hundred dollars have been earned.

The conference in question is called the “First Annual Conference for Critical Animal Studies,” and will feature panels, workshops and training to raise awareness and promote discussion about animal mistreatment. VARC is requesting $5760.

The Council votes to take this meeting into a secluded Finance Committee meeting. This blog will be paused for twenty minutes until Council resumes.

7:42 | Council reconvenes, and the Finance Committee reports that the recommended amount is $1610, which differs from the requested amount by $4150.

Council approves the $1610 allocation.

7:44 | Executive Board Report with VSA President Jason Rubin

American anti-racism activist and writer Tim Wise will be coming to Vassar in the spring.

Rubin has been meeting with Assistant Professor of Education Collette Cann about bringing an anti-racism workshop to Vassar.

7:47 | Executive Board Report with VSA VP for Operations Deb Steinberg ’14

Operations will host an interest meeting for students who aspire to run for 2013-2014 VSA positions in the spring.

Steinberg has been collaborating with Alumnae/i offices in the Seven Sisters schools to create a database of graduates who can help current students acquire jobs and internships.

The College Committee on Sustainability hopes to develop a centralized event calendar to minimize the number of print flyers around campus.

Members of the administration are considering the possibility of including online classes in Vassar’s curriculum. Steinberg thinks that it is unlikely that this would be put into place in the near future.

7:53 | Appointment of Cushing House Junior Representative with VSA VP for Operations Deb Steinberg ’14

Caroline Maguire ’14 is appointed.

7:55 | Charter of the Smoking and Tobacco Action Research Team with Terrace Apartments President Devin Griffin ’13

The purpose of this team is to disseminate information about the potential smoking ban, and solicit student opinions. These opinions will be presented to the Committee on College Life and considered by its members when discussing a smoking ban.

Council charters START.

8:01 | Amendment Concerning the Creation of Preliminary Organizations and the Creation of the Preliminary Organizations Fund with VSA VP for Activities Doug Greer ’14

The “Preliminary Organization” title will be granted to new student organizations which are undergoing a trial period before applying to become VSA certified student organizations. The fund is meant to supplement their activities, but will have more limitations than the funds available to VSA certified student organizations.

The amendments are tabled to Operations committee and will be brought before Council at the beginning of next semester.

8:09 | Open Discussion

According to 2013 Class President Vincent Marchetta, there are 167 days until Commencement.

The 2012-2013 Student Gift will be the “2013 Scholarship Fund,” a direct contribution to Vassar’s financial aid program.

Council adjourns.


See you all next semester!