Live Blogging | VSA Council, February 3, 2013

Hello everyone! Happy Super Bowl Sunday.

6:04 | Attendance

Class of 2015 President Alison Ehrlich ’15 is not in attendance.

6:05 | Consent Agenda

  1. $10,000 from Discretionary to Hip Hop 101
  2. $5,000 from Speakers to NSO
  3. $1,500 from Collaboration to Punx/Sound System
  4. $1,650 from Discretionary to Habitat for Humanity
  5. $$1,500 from Community to Barefoot Monkeys
  6. $2,169 from Discretionary to Debate
  7. $300 from Conference Fund to Democracy Matters
  8. $390 from Conference Fund to GAAP

All items are approved without debate.

6:06 | Executive Board Report with VSA VP for Activities Doug Greer ’14

Meet Me in Manhattan has been cancelled due to limited funding.

6:07 | Executive Board Report with VSA VP for Finance Alex Koren ’13

All funds but Speakers are healthy.

6:08 | Declaration of Open Positions with VSA VP for Operations Deb Steinberg ’14

Two Class of 2014 Judicial Board Representatives are needed. Strong and Davison Junior Representatives are also needed.

Ehrlich arrives.

6:09 | Appointment of Vice President for Student Life with VP for Operations Deb Steinberg ’14

The Operations Committee recommends Dallas Robinson ’14 for the position. Steinberg mentions that Robinson’s involvement during last semester’s MEChA controversy was a positive factor in the decision. Class of 2013 President Vincent Marchetta adds that her participation in Vassar Athletics would also be helpful for fulfilling the responsibilities of the position.

The committee did not choose Robinson unanimously. Of seven possible votes, she only received five.

The VSA Council unanimously appoints Dallas Robinson.

6:15 | Open Discussion

There are 111 days until Commencement.

This year’s student gift to the scholarship fund has been renamed the Andrei Buryachenko Scholarship Fund.

“Fifty Nights” will occur at The Chance Theater this April.

Members of Council are collaborating with students at Barnard College on creating a Seven Sisters Coordinating Board.

Social Conscience Day Dialogues will occur next Sunday afternoon.

6:21 | Council Adjourns