Live Blogging VSA Council March 24, 2013

Hey everyone! I hope you have all had a good break. We’ll be getting started in about ten minutes.

7:03 | Attendance

Raymond House, Lathrop House and the Class of 2016 are represented by proxy. Vice President for Activities Doug Greer ’14 is absent.

7:04 | Consent Agenda

  1. $450 from Collaboration to MBSA
  2. $4,200 from Discretionary to MEChA
  3. $1,000 from Community to MEChA
  4. $370 from Collaboration to MEChA
  5. $1,930 from Discretionary to CHOICE
  6. $1,000 from Discretionary to PEACE
  7. $774 to Discretionary to 2015
  8. $700 from Community to Joss
  9. Minutes from 3/3 meeting

Each item is adopted without debate.

7:04 | Executive Board Report with VP for Student Life Dallas Robinson ’14

Class of 2013 President Vincent Marchetta is working toward developing a training program for College athletes similar to the Student Fellow training program.

The Student Life Committee’s collaboration with Spectrana is moving forward.

A relationship abuse policy is being developed within the administration.

7:07 | Executive Board Report with VP for Academics Amanda Zeligs ’13

Student seminar applications open tomorrow. There are eighteen confirmed seminars at this time.

The Academics Committee is writing a resolution on coursework and social awareness.

7:09 | An Amendment Concerning Judicial Board Representatives with VP for Operations Deb Steinberg ’14

The amendment has been amended so that elected representatives cannot sit on the auxiliary Judicial Board boards.

According to Chair of the Judicial Board Alaric Chinn ’13, members of the Judicial Board feel that this amendment is unnecessary.

As a reminder, this amendment will create an auxiliary group of students to serve on Judicial Board student conduct hearings when members of the Judicial Board could not be reached to fill the roll. The amendment was written at the suggestion of Dean of Students DB Brown.

Chinn feels that creating such a group would negatively affect the Judicial Board philosophy, implicitly sending the message that it things will work out, even if members do not participate.

With only half of the Council voting in favor, this amendment fails.

7:21 | Annual Budgeting Update with VP for Finance Alex Koren ’13

The Annual Budgeting process will be different this year. Among other things, it will be longer, and only organizations whose applications are found to be contentious by the Finance Committee will have to meet with the Finance Committee.

7: 24 | Finance and Annual Budgeting Amendments with VP for Finance Alex Koren ’13

In the past, the committee in charge of annual budgeting was very large. These amendments make it so that only Finance Committee is involved in the initial process;  so that, in the case of a financial emergency, the VP for Finance may act independently to resolve the problem; the amendments; so that there are “Finance Committee policies” to outline the way Finance Committee operates; and so that special purpose funds without use are eliminated

7:41 | An Amendment Concerning Joint Committee Composition with VP for Operations Deb Steinberg ’14

The Campus Community Advisory is not operational, and is being nixed in this amendment. The Campus Investor Responsibility Committee has more members now than is provided for. Several other joint committee provisions of the Constitution do also not reflect current practice, and are being amended.

7:43 | Open Discussion

There are 63 days until Commencement.

Council adjourns.