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    Live Blogging: VSA Council Meeting Minutes, April 28, 2013 

    Last one of these for the year!! How exciting!
    7:03 // Call to order
    7:03 // Attendance
    All representatives are in attendance.
    7:03  // Consent Agenda
    1. $5,000 from Capital to 2013

    2. $150 Discretionary to UNICEF

    3. $100 Discretionary to 2014

    4. $750 Discretionary to Town Houses

    5. $1000 Discretionary to Jewett

    6. $60 Preliminary Orgs to ComedyNormative

    7. $160 Preliminary Orgs to Matthew’s Archers

    8. $446 from Conference to VARC

    9. $0 from Conference to VARC

    10. $0 from Discretionary to Fem Alliance

    11. $0 from Discretionary to VISA

    12. $0 from Discretionary to Greens   (to be discussed further)

    13. Minutes from 4/21 meeting

    Representative from Vassar Greens: Apologies from the Greens; it was our most busy week. Move the fund allotment to item four.

    The rest of the consent agenda is adopted.

    President: I advise a recess for Finance Committee to discuss with Vassar Greens.

    Josselyn House: I move to take a no more than 15 minute recess.

    Motion: All but TAs representative approves.

    This motion passes.

    7:20 // Return from recess.

    7:20 // Reconsidering funding to Vassar Green.

    Finance: We want to allocate $1200 to Vassar Greens from Discretionary.

    Motion: Unanimous support

    7:21 // Executive Board Reports

    President: I discussed late night dining options. We cannot use the Retreat due to food storage concerns.

    However the East Wing option has not been decided upon. More discussions with

    Search for the new VP for Finance and Administration. All three candidates have visited campus.  That position will be filled before the end of the year.

    VP for Operations: Joint committees must submit a paragraph about their responsibilities.

    President: Convocation in the Chapel on Wednesday at 3:30 p.m. This is when the VSA Councils turn over. Both Rubin and Steinberg will be speaking.

    7:25 // VSA Executive Board Stipend Proposal

    VP for Student Life: This proposal asks the Student Employment Office will make the decision about who qualifies for the stipend. This means that some students not on financial aid but require funds to pay for other necessary expenses, may qualify. This decision will be discussed between students and the Student Employment Office.

    Motion to endorse the proposal: Unanimous endorsement.

    7:29 // Appointments

    VP for Operations: These decisions were made by the Operations Committee (by majority)

    BOE Co-Chair Recomendation: Zack Struver

    Motion to appoint: Unanimous.

    2015 Secretary Recommendation: Jessica Lin

    Motion to appoint: All except Josselyn House (who abstained)

    Fall Davison House 2015 Representative Recommendation: Luke Kachelein

    Motion to appoint: all except Joss and Davison (who abstained)

    Lathrop fall and spring 2015 Rep Recommendation: Renee Bryant

    Motion to appoint: All except Joss, Ferry, Lathrop (who abstained)

    Strong 2015 Spring Recommendation: Alana McCraw

    Motion to appoint: All except Joss (who abstained)

    Strong 2016 Representative Recommendation: Molly Barth

    Motion to appoint: All except 2016 (who abstained)

    South commons programming director recommendation: Rob Madden

    Motion to appoint: Unanimous

    Town Students Programming Director recommendation : Emilia Petrarca

    Motion to appoint: Unanimous

    2014 Judicial Board Representative Recommendation: Arushi Raina

    Motion to appoint: Unanimous

    7:38 // Annual Budgeting

    VP for Finance: We have 12 minutes to discuss this as a whole. We must vote in a block; we either accept the budget as a whole or completely reject it.

    If we reject the budget the following procedure:

    minimum of 30 minute discussion period for any adjustments. Then a closed council meeting will take place. Then the meeting will be opened, and council will vote again.

    President: 90 second speaking period.

    Motion to discuss the budget

    12 minute discussion period:

    Ceramics club representative: The previous president failed to submit the proper paperwork last year and this has created a problem with our budgeting.

    VP for Finance: This process has been going on for a month; there have been ample opportunities to object to the allotment. The club also has a sizable amount of funding from the Discretionary Fund and they could apply for more money from this fund.

    Ceramics club: The art studio we worked at had financial problems and this was out of our control. We have found a new studio and they have promised us some discounts.

    2013 Rep: I recommend you apply for other forms of funding and then complete a more thorough application in the fall.

    2015 Rep.: I would like to allocate some small amount to the club.

    2016 Rep.: I recommend that we do not allocate any funds. The process that we have set up would be circumvented if we funded this application, and this would be unfair to all of the clubs that did complete their paperwork. The club can come in upon our return in the fall and Council can provide the funds then.

    2013 Rep.: All of next year’s VSA Council is in this room and will be aware of this scenario.

    Motion to adopt the budget: Unanimous.

    7:52 // Brief Remarks

    President: We have dealt with major issues with VSA’s structure (pre-org. and annual budgeting)

    We also received two new VPs in the middle of the semester.

    Amanda has pushed through a social consciousness proposal.

    Dallas has started rebuilding the VSA’s relationship with ALANA orgs.

    I want to thank Council and Exec. this year. To new Council, best of luck to you.

    7:55 // Open Discussion

    2013 Rep.:  Convocation in the Chapel on Wednesday at 3:30 p.m.

    Senior Week schedule is online. Prices will be going up on Thursday.

    I’ve learned so much more about the college this way, and I wish I had joined sooner. Remember to keep the job in perspective. And know that you can get a lot done in this position. “Have a tequila shot and just live.”

    Jewett House Rep.: Motion to pass a proposal that adds a line in the bylaws about how pre-orgs are discussed.

    Motion to adopt proposal: All except 2016 rep. (who voted no)

    2014 Representative: Founder’s Day is next weekend.

    As MIA said “Live fast die young, bad girls do it well.”

    Operations: To the new Council, we have council next week. During study week there will be an hour-long training. We will discuss goals and pick committees.

    2016 Rep.: Thank you all for welcoming me; it can be hard being the only freshman on council. But thank you all, especially Exec. Board.

    Terrace Apartments: We have been an efficient council and got a lot of things through. I’ve learned a lot of skills.

    To next year’s council: Remember that we are people first, and also students, and then we are VSA council members.

    “Know that this is not your life, and it shouldn’t be.”

    We have had issues throughout the year that have dealt with trust and respect. Learn to love each other and respect each other.

    Cushing Rep.: “JY-Stay. JY-YOLO.”

    2013 Rep.: Thank you Dula and Emily for all of your assistance with council.

    Josselyn Rep.: Thank you to all the VSA assistance.

    VP Activities: Motion to adjourn,

    Motion to Adjourn: All but VP for Activities vote in favor. (Activities votes no)  (8:08)

    And that’s all she (I) wrote!!

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    VSA Live Blogging, 21 April 2013 

    Hi everybody! We are going to get started in a jiffy! This is looking like an interesting meeting, so brace yourselves!
    7:03 // Call to Order
    7:04  // Attendance
     Absent: Class of 2013 president (entered at 7:04)
    Proxy: None
    7:04  // Consent Agenda
    1. $1600 from Discretionary to Islamic Society

    2. $160 from Preorgs to Matthew’s Archers

    3. $2150 from Community to Shakespeare Troupe

    4. $300 from Discretionary to Davison

    5. $200 from Preorgs to SEASA

    6. $0 from Conference to Slow Food

    7. Minutes from 4/14 meeting

    Challenge from Slow Food over fund allotment.

    All other allotments pass.

    7:05 // Activities Executive Board Report
    Last Activities meeting will be next week.
    7: 06// Finance Executive Board Report

    Appeals have been submitted, only three this year.

    They will hear appeals this week, and those discussions will close next week.

    Finance will present their budget plans next week.

    7:07 // Resolution for the Public Health and Safety Regarding Indian Point Nuclear Plant

    Resolution writers:The nuclear plant is roughly 30 miles away.

     This resolution is important to the VSA because of the plant’s proximity to Vassar. If there were a spill, Vassar could need to be evacuated and may even make the land uninhabitable.

    They cite the example of the power plant explosion in Japan.

    Studies have shown that natural disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes may cause issues with the power plant and may cause spills.

    This resolution calls for an increased evacuation area from 10 miles to 50 miles. It also calls for safer storage mechanisms.

    This resolution, along with other supporting resolutions in the area, will be brought to state and national leaders in order to re-evaluate updating the nuclear power plant.

    Town Houses: Who will this resolution be sent to? Will it be sent to Dean Chenette?

    Resolution writers: This would simply be a show of student support and brought to the attention of the governor of New York.

    Class of 2015: This would be a very political decision we would be making given that it would not be sent to the College. Do we do this?

    Josselyn House: This makes sense to me, however, given the confusing relationship between the VSA and the Board of Trustees, we should take this to the Operations Committee to recommend the support of this by the Board of Trustees.

    President: We can also just support this resolution as a show from students.

    Operations moves to adopt this resolution.

    2015 Rep.: I would like this to be brought to Student Life, as it affects students. 

    Operations: I would prefer we bring this to Student Life than Operations.

    T.A. Rep: We won’t be changing the resolution so why would we need to table and review it.

    Josselyn: If we table this, we can bring this to the Board of Trustees and show that the entirety of Vassar College endorses this resolution.

    2015 Rep.: As this is not time critical, I would like to bring this back to my constituency.

    So. Cos: There’s a lot to be said about this being a motion on behalf of the student body, and not an administrative action.

    Jewett moves to call this resolution into question.

    All but  Joss Rep. support.

    The resolution passes with all but Strong’s vote.

    7:20 // Slow Food Application

    Slow Food Reps: This event happens every few years, and this conference that we want funding for allows us to build connections and resources for the coming year. We are also asking for much less than previously.

    We are now asking for $1350.

    Finance: We have not met on this issue.

    We do not finance events that occur after the academic year, or during study week.

    Although technically legal, we don’t do this because the VSA cannot afford to events that occur during the summer.

    Josselyn:  I was curious about the group’s decision to bring graduating seniors and rising seniors. Why not younger members?

    Slow Food Rep.: As a graduating senior, I am bridging the gaps between the connections I have made and younger students.

    Activities: I feel conflicted about this, in terms of events that occur after classes end.

    Problems have arisen in the past about programming during study week in terms of academics, because some students have been lax in their studies and this has caused problems for professors.

    There will be more crack downs regarding programming during study week and during finals.

    Slow Food Rep: Is there a location on the application where it says no programming during study week.

    Finance: It does not. It’s not a perfect system. However, I would like to continue following this policy.

    Slow Food: I appreciate the concept of no on-campus programming, but this is off-campus and not disruptive. It’s 3 students, without finals, but it would not cause conflicts.

    Activities: There’s also a large discrepancy between Activities and Finance because the VP for Activities’ job ends after next week, while VP for Finance remains in place until commencement; the VP for Activities for next year would be approving events for this week, while the previous VP for Finance would be considering funding.

    2015 Rep. moves to alote $0 to Slow Food.

    Lathrop: Can we only give them $0 or $1350?

    Finance: We can give the group any number between $0 and $1350.

    Davison: What amount of money can you fundraise for and still allow you to go?

    Slow Food: We would need $600 to cover our registration fee.

    2015: If we give them any money, we would be setting precedent.

    T.H. Rep: But would we really be setting precedent since we will be out of office?

    (Finance: The health of the speakers fund is currently $7000)

    Activities: We should make an solid policy on this issue and not leave it up to discretion.

    Ferry: What is the VSA Exec Board’s feeling on having events during study week.

    Activities: Bad. We don’t want events during study week at all.

    Finance: I would like to strongly discourage YOLO mode. Remember any money we don’t spend this year, does roll over into next year.

    Josselyn moves to call into question this resolution.

    This motion passes without the support of TA, TH, Operations, Town Students, Cushing, and So Co reps.

    This motion passes.

    Motion goes into voting. Motion to allocate $0.

    opposed: Town Students, Lathrop, TH, TA, 2013, Davison, Cushing, Ferry.

    This motion fails by 1 vote.

    5 minutes on the conversation.

    Operations moves to allocate $600 to Slow Food.

    Operations: I completely understand the rules, that being said the rules weren’t posted anywhere and we shouldn’t punish the org for that. The conference meets your mission statement and doesn’t harm the funding of the VSA.

    T.A.: I completely agree with Operations. The way we have been talking about this has been very haughty.

    2016: Allocating them some money should be the amount that they need. But it bears noting that there’s a senior on this trip and they won’t be coming back and teaching what they learned at Vassar.

    Activities: Although we have $7000 in the speakers fund, we still have more events coming.

    Finance: Although compromise is great, if we vote for this, then next year people will look at this and say that the VSA will fund events like this.

    2015 make a motion to consider multiple options. ($1350, $600, or $0)

    All but Finance are in favor.

    Voting in favor of $1350. Lathrop , TA TH, Davison, Cushing, So Cos, Town Houses.

    Voting in favor of $600. Ferry, Strong, Main, Raymond, Activities, Academics, Noyes

    None. 2014, Finance, Jewett.

    Motion in favor of giving $1350 to Slow Food. passes.


    7:45 // Declaration of Open Positions


    Application are due Tuesday at midnight.

    Council will vote on these applications next Sunday.


    7:47 // VSA Executive Board Stipend Proposal 

    Representative: We have been in discussion with Dallas Robinson. The plan is having this tabled this week and then voted on again next week.

    Josselyn: Does a resolution restrict the giving of the stipend to certain students?

    Representative: This would be given as a work-studies job. It would be based on a student’s qualification to the federal work studies program. This is done in the interest of transparency.

    Representative: We have been in conversation with the Student Employment Office. This would be approving the idea of this program, not necessarily the mechanics.

    Activities: How are hours calculated? Is there a cap on the number of hours?

    Representative: You can only qualify a certain amount of hours, and so no overtime is given. Any additional time would not be paid for, as it works with any other student job on campus.

    2015 Rep: How does the application process work? It seems radically different from any other form currently used.

    operations: This sounds like HSA hour calculations. I think this shouldn’t be about making it work in detail, but our general support of this policy.

    Representative: There is a means, and we will find the means.

    This has been tabled to Student Life for the week.

    7:56 // An Amendment Concerning VSA Policies

    The motion passes unanimously.


    7: 56 // Student Space Report

    President: Adding hours to the Retreat is seeming very challenging. An idea currently being discussed is opening the East Room of ACDC late at night for warm food. However, UpC would stop serving food and transform into an event space.

    Students could most likely pay with Dining Bucks and maybe a meal equivalency plan.

    This needs to be decided upon quickly since Armark’s contract is currently under negotiation.

    Activities: From the UpC perspective, it would be great for student programming. This would be great for UpC purposes.

    2016: A number of peer institutions have a means of getting hot food until 2 a.m. for a meal swipe.

    Noyes: Why is this easier to change than adding more hours to the Retreat?

    President: I will ask.

    2014: In terms of having a place on campus for students to eat and hang out like the Retreat, the East Wing may not serve this purpose.

    Ferry: Would this food be served during the normal hours of ACDC?

    President: This would occur during the hours that ACDC is not open.

    Davison: It should be the food would still be Deece food. Also, I think people would be hesitant to get a-la-carte food from ACDC.

    Academics: I see Main as much more welcoming for late night student spaces, especially for students living in senior housing, since they don’t use the Deece as much.

    Lathrop: UpC is a wellness space; would this change make the East wing a wellness space? What would happen to UpC?

    President: The new space would not be a wellness space. UpC may lose its wellness qualification.

    Finance: Before, the Deece used to be a-la-carte and open much later, but the administration ignored student displeasure at the switch.


    8:07 // Open Discussion

    2013: Senior week plans will be released on Tuesday.

    May 8 in the chapel, senior week tickets will be sold.

    Encourage everyone to donate anything to the senior gift.

    Josselyn: Discussion of a resolution about shared governance.

    The administration has recently taken away shared governance from its mission statement.

    I propose that we condemn this action, as they needed to have asked us to take off shared governance.

    Operations: The college is reworking its constitution, because it has been told it was too confusing.

    Our mission statement was 3 pages long and is now 1 paragraph.

    This decision was a Trustee mission. However, the student body was represented in this meeting.

    Shared governance is still in the student handbook.

    Josselyn: I think removing the student voice/shared government from the college’s governing document is a bad for the VSA. In 5 years we will be much less valid given this action.

    Finance: Shared governance is still required by the college based on other regulations of operations. Even though it’s been taking out of the mission statement, there is still shared governance at Vassar.

    Jewett: What is the likelihood that they (Board of Trustees) would put shared governance back in to the mission statement?

    Operations: There is no chance.

    This resolution is going to sit, not being discussed in any committee, and be discussed again next week.

    Jewett: There is an amendment on the regulation of pre-organizations.

    Cushing: The Body Positive 3-day workshop is coming to Vassar starting this Friday.

    Josselyn: I brought the previously resolution here because the administration is making regulations against the students’ will (ie keg ban)

    President: You just don’t understand shared governance.

    Davison: Davison is hosting a Thrift shop party this Saturday from 11 p.m. – 2 a.m.

    Academics: In response to Joss’ action, I think understand your passion for shared governance but I don’t think that challenging the mission statement is the right way to affect change.

    Motion to adjourn the meeting. Motion passes with all but 2015’s approval.

    8:20 // Meeting adjourned.

    Talk to you next week guys! I hope you have a glorious week!

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    Live Blogging: VSA Council 

    Hi everybody! We are getting settled in here, so you should too! It should be an interesting meeting!
    7:02        Attendance
    2016 and Raymond have a proxies. Town Students and TAs are absent.
    7:03        Consent Agenda
    1. $500 from Discretionary to VPI
    2. $675 from Discretionary to Hip Hop 101
    3. $220 from Collaboration to TONCA
    4. $368 from Discretionary to VHP
    5. $1000 from Discretionary to Drama Majors Committee
    6. Minutes from 4/7 meeting

    All these items are approved.

    7: 04    Executive Board Reports

     Student Life
    CCL passed the smoking ban.
    Student Life didn’t meet last week.
    Campus Climate has met to discuss the executive board stipend portion.
    CCP has agreed to facilitate discussions on social awareness coursework.
    In the coming weeks, there will be another proposal being drafted for CCP.
    Student seminars have been positively reviewed.

    7:07 CCL and START Update

     The proposal has moved the date for a smoke free campus from July 2014 to  July 2015.

    This resolution will now go to the Office of the President;

    Jason Rubin noted:

    Cappy and Dean Chenette are both in favor of it.

    VSA representatives will have some say in the discussions in the highest level.

    There will education campaigns and cessation classes put in place in the coming years.


    2014 Representatives

    START Response is positive.

    55% of students were against the smoking ban. People were worried about the implementation of the plan.


    Josselyn House Representatives

    He was very upset about CCL’s decision and not good shared governance.

    He wants to reconsider the structure of CCL to better represent the student body.

    Hancock also challenged Rubin’s, and other student representatives’, reasons for voting in favor of the ban, suggesting it may be linked to personal relationships with administrators who were in favor of the ban.


    Jason Rubin responds by stating that the representative should be careful about the implications on the claim and said that many different things contributed to how he decided to cast  his vote.


    Terrace Apartments: START plans to publish its memorandum to the student body to better educate them on its findings.


    7:11   An Amendment Concerning VSA Policies

    Each new policy includes new mission statements and elaborates the selection process.

    Committees will vote on them at the beginning of each year to adopt these policies or amend them.

    The amendment cannot be voted on this week and will be discussed at a later date.

    7:13 Open Discussion

    2013 Representatives

    Review of 50 Nights, explaining the positive responses from students and the lack of problems that plagued last year’s event.

    Senior Week ticket sales are happening on May 8.

    Seniors will be able to purchase them during the first half of the day; underclassmen can go at the end of the day.

    VP for Activities

    Programming Board elections are open. Talk with Doug about the requirements and meeting times.


    Jason Rubin gives a special thanks to START.



    Voting starts tomorrow at noon; voting ends wednesday at noon.

    Results party at midnight on Wednesday.

    If there are ties, then council will vote on the winners.


    Josselyn House Representatives

    Discussion of the most recent bias incident in the LGBTQ Center. It was a very direct attack because the writing was inside the room.


    VP for Student Life responds: CLRT will be discussing it tomorrow at 9 am to discuss how the college should respond.


    7:19 Motion to end meeting. 

    Motion passes unanimously.


    That’s all folks! Have a good week!

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    Live Blogging VSA April 7, 2013 

    7:05 /  Attendance
     Class of 2015 has a proxy; Ferry House has a proxy; Cushing House; SoCos representative is absent.
    7:05 / Consent Agenda

    1. $3700 from Discretionary to Measure 4 Measure
    2. $200 from Preliminary Orgs to Shakers
    3. $76.50 from Speakers, Lectures, and Panels to UNICEF
    4. $65 from Preliminary Orgs to ComedyNormative
    5. Minutes from the 3/31 meeting

    All items are adopted.

    7:07 Forum with Renee Pabst, Director of Health Education, on the Relationship Abuse Charge
    Also speaking is Elizabeth Schrock.
    History of the Relationship Abuse Policy in the past was the joint work of the VSA and the Health Education Office.
    Portion of the Violence Against Women’s Act is being passed around. Pabst highlights the components of the law that requires college campuses to enact policy regarding sexual misconduct and violence.
    Lawyers previously said that the previous supplications could not be easily adjudicated at Vassar. However, after the reelection the portions that had been causes of concern were required by the government.
    The only additions from the previous form was the addition of the domestic abuse policy, as some students are married on campus.
    Josselyn House representative Casey Hancock ’14 asks why is it important for the VSA to support this charge.
    Pabst: This was a way for Vassar to show off that they were ahead of the curve on protecting students. It is also very important for the VSA to pass because it shows that student government cares about taking care of its students and their safety.
    The panel: this is a smaller panel (smaller panel sizes are supposed to be better)
    In this panel, the alleged victim and the accused are able to deny student representatives on the panel.
    Class of 2013 President asked how often do students report issues of sexual assault or misconduct?
    Schrock: Not many students chose to come forward; we currently have reported roughly 10 students.
    Class of 2013 President: How does the campus help support students who want to prosecute the crime outside of campus regulations.
    Schrock: We utilize the local sexual violence resources. Moreover, students can request that non-college representatives work with them, or that either speaker will go with them to report the crime.
    Pabst: We give students all of the available options, both on and off campus reporting.
    Lathrop House President: How will students be informed about the campus’ policy?
    Schrock: Students are provided the information online prior to coming to campus. After they come to campus, freshman are told in large groups about the sexual misconduct policy of the college, and then students will be reintroduced to the policies within their houses.
    VP for Activities Doug Greer ’14 advocated, from personal experience, to emphasize this policy within the house team system.
    Other announcements
    Friday will be the launch of Sexual Assault Awareness Week at 3 pm in the Jade Parlor.
    Next Week:
    Monday: Speak Out
    Tuesday: Art Show and Open Mic, located in the Aula
    Wednesday: Emily May will speak at 7 pm
    Thursday: Students are encouraged to wear shirts (on loan, and available through tabling in the college center)
    Following Week: The White Ribbon Campaign, pledging to not commit any form of sexual misconduct.
    7:20/  Executive 

    Rubin reports that the search for a new CDO director is coming to a close, and final candidates are coming to campus in the next few weeks.

    He adds that a representative from ARAMARK was on campus during the last few days assessing the Retreat for potential reconstruction.

     7:21/  VP for Operations Spring elections are underway
    Exec Board Election Debate on Wednesday at 6 pm Sanders 104.
    Voting will be take place over two days next week.
    7:23/ Proposal the Relationship Abuse Charge
    Dallas Robinson ’14 presents the Relationship Abuse Charge discussed previously.
    This motion passes unanimously.
    7:27/ Resolution Concerning Coursework in Social Awareness
    Students related to this issue have been pushing strongly for a center of their own, with its own own staff.
    Underneath the Campus Life Office, who already support students that come from lower income backgrounds.
    Noyes What made you change the resolution to a separate entity:
    A matter of timing allowed them to consider having their own space.
    Hancock ’14: How have conversations been going with the administration?
    Advocate for the resolution: There have been informal conversations with Dean Roellke and Ed Pittman, who have expressed support if students would express an interest.
    In the mean time, the group is looking into similar programs
    Lathrop President: What’s the timeline for this program?
    Advocate for the Resolution: There is a more flexible timeline
    VP for Student Life moves to endorse the resolution.
    This motion passes unanimously.
    7:34/ Resolution Concerning Coursework in Social Awareness
    VP for Academics:
    We have backed off from a hard and fast requirement within each major.
    Phrased this resolution to encourage CCP to create a committee that will look into the possibility of having more social conscious related courses. This gives the faculty more ability to dictate the changes in curricula.
    VP for Student Life: In terms of Campus Climate, which advocates for a social consciousness requirement, do you know if they will continue to support a requirement?
    VP for Academics: Having spoken to Faren Tang, and other members of the Campus Climate, that this will prove to be a foot in the door in terms of having a social consciousness requirement. However, no formal statement has been expressed by Campus Climate about this new version of the resolution.
    Operations: How much faculty support has this received?
    Academics: Faculty support is not as clear as she would like it to be. Before getting a faculty opinion, the resolution should be considered by CCP. A stronger expression of the faculty’s opinion will come following a meeting on Wednesday.
    Jewett House President: Are students able to attend/speak in the CCP meeting?
    Operations: The CCP meeting will have a student representative sitting on the meeting, but CCP is typically a closed meeting.
    Terrace Apartment: Commending the amendments and the VP for Academics for recognizing the implementation concerns that many constituents have expressed regarding a firm requirement.
    Academics: This new resolution would not require a specific course, but rather course work. Lectures or guest speakers could also fill the social consciousness requirement.
    Davison House President asked for a timeline for this resolution.
    Academics: She anticipate that, if passed, that her successor will be able to execute even more developments. Won’t go into effect next year, but the following year this would be available to students.
    Town Houses motion to endorse the resolution.
    Motion passes unanimously.
    7:37/ Support of Dining Staff
    Next Wednesday an event supporting the staff of the campus dining staff. The resolution supports further recognizing student appreciation of the campus dining staff.
    VP for Student Life endorses this motion.
    This resolution passes unanimously.
    7:40/ Open Discussion
    Class of 2013 President: This weekend will be the 50 Nights Celebration, held at the Chance. Buses will be available for students.
    Recognition of the new Editor-in-Chief of the Miscellany News.
    Terrace Apartments Representatives: Findings of the START committee
    950 responses. The results show that the campus is fairly split on this issue.
    The document will show that there are concerns on both sides and to contextualize this issue.
    President: CLL is meeting this week and there will be updates on this issue next Sunday.
    VP for Activities:
    Surveys show that students feel that they have little space to operate.
    He will have conversations with Luis Inoa about storing items in residential house basements for storage/activities space.
    Jewett House President: Anual Budgeting form is due on Monday at noon.
    Josselyn House President: He is upset that the decision on the smoking ban will not be made by students or student representatives rather than CCL. He felt that the CCL may not be the best equipped to handle this issue in comparison to VSA.
    7:49/Motion to Adjurn 
    All but Josselyn House are in favor. This motion passes.
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