Live Blogging: VSA Council

Hi everybody! We are getting settled in here, so you should too! It should be an interesting meeting!
7:02        Attendance
2016 and Raymond have a proxies. Town Students and TAs are absent.
7:03        Consent Agenda
  1. $500 from Discretionary to VPI
  2. $675 from Discretionary to Hip Hop 101
  3. $220 from Collaboration to TONCA
  4. $368 from Discretionary to VHP
  5. $1000 from Discretionary to Drama Majors Committee
  6. Minutes from 4/7 meeting

All these items are approved.

7: 04    Executive Board Reports

 Student Life
CCL passed the smoking ban.
Student Life didn’t meet last week.
Campus Climate has met to discuss the executive board stipend portion.
CCP has agreed to facilitate discussions on social awareness coursework.
In the coming weeks, there will be another proposal being drafted for CCP.
Student seminars have been positively reviewed.

7:07 CCL and START Update

 The proposal has moved the date for a smoke free campus from July 2014 to  July 2015.

This resolution will now go to the Office of the President;

Jason Rubin noted:

Cappy and Dean Chenette are both in favor of it.

VSA representatives will have some say in the discussions in the highest level.

There will education campaigns and cessation classes put in place in the coming years.


2014 Representatives

START Response is positive.

55% of students were against the smoking ban. People were worried about the implementation of the plan.


Josselyn House Representatives

He was very upset about CCL’s decision and not good shared governance.

He wants to reconsider the structure of CCL to better represent the student body.

Hancock also challenged Rubin’s, and other student representatives’, reasons for voting in favor of the ban, suggesting it may be linked to personal relationships with administrators who were in favor of the ban.


Jason Rubin responds by stating that the representative should be careful about the implications on the claim and said that many different things contributed to how he decided to cast  his vote.


Terrace Apartments: START plans to publish its memorandum to the student body to better educate them on its findings.


7:11   An Amendment Concerning VSA Policies

Each new policy includes new mission statements and elaborates the selection process.

Committees will vote on them at the beginning of each year to adopt these policies or amend them.

The amendment cannot be voted on this week and will be discussed at a later date.

7:13 Open Discussion

2013 Representatives

Review of 50 Nights, explaining the positive responses from students and the lack of problems that plagued last year’s event.

Senior Week ticket sales are happening on May 8.

Seniors will be able to purchase them during the first half of the day; underclassmen can go at the end of the day.

VP for Activities

Programming Board elections are open. Talk with Doug about the requirements and meeting times.


Jason Rubin gives a special thanks to START.



Voting starts tomorrow at noon; voting ends wednesday at noon.

Results party at midnight on Wednesday.

If there are ties, then council will vote on the winners.


Josselyn House Representatives

Discussion of the most recent bias incident in the LGBTQ Center. It was a very direct attack because the writing was inside the room.


VP for Student Life responds: CLRT will be discussing it tomorrow at 9 am to discuss how the college should respond.


7:19 Motion to end meeting. 

Motion passes unanimously.


That’s all folks! Have a good week!