Live Blogging: VSA Council Meeting Minutes, April 28, 2013

Last one of these for the year!! How exciting!
7:03 // Call to order
7:03 // Attendance
All representatives are in attendance.
7:03  // Consent Agenda
  1. $5,000 from Capital to 2013

  2. $150 Discretionary to UNICEF

  3. $100 Discretionary to 2014

  4. $750 Discretionary to Town Houses

  5. $1000 Discretionary to Jewett

  6. $60 Preliminary Orgs to ComedyNormative

  7. $160 Preliminary Orgs to Matthew’s Archers

  8. $446 from Conference to VARC

  9. $0 from Conference to VARC

  10. $0 from Discretionary to Fem Alliance

  11. $0 from Discretionary to VISA

  12. $0 from Discretionary to Greens   (to be discussed further)

  13. Minutes from 4/21 meeting

Representative from Vassar Greens: Apologies from the Greens; it was our most busy week. Move the fund allotment to item four.

The rest of the consent agenda is adopted.

President: I advise a recess for Finance Committee to discuss with Vassar Greens.

Josselyn House: I move to take a no more than 15 minute recess.

Motion: All but TAs representative approves.

This motion passes.

7:20 // Return from recess.

7:20 // Reconsidering funding to Vassar Green.

Finance: We want to allocate $1200 to Vassar Greens from Discretionary.

Motion: Unanimous support

7:21 // Executive Board Reports

President: I discussed late night dining options. We cannot use the Retreat due to food storage concerns.

However the East Wing option has not been decided upon. More discussions with

Search for the new VP for Finance and Administration. All three candidates have visited campus.  That position will be filled before the end of the year.

VP for Operations: Joint committees must submit a paragraph about their responsibilities.

President: Convocation in the Chapel on Wednesday at 3:30 p.m. This is when the VSA Councils turn over. Both Rubin and Steinberg will be speaking.

7:25 // VSA Executive Board Stipend Proposal

VP for Student Life: This proposal asks the Student Employment Office will make the decision about who qualifies for the stipend. This means that some students not on financial aid but require funds to pay for other necessary expenses, may qualify. This decision will be discussed between students and the Student Employment Office.

Motion to endorse the proposal: Unanimous endorsement.

7:29 // Appointments

VP for Operations: These decisions were made by the Operations Committee (by majority)

BOE Co-Chair Recomendation: Zack Struver

Motion to appoint: Unanimous.

2015 Secretary Recommendation: Jessica Lin

Motion to appoint: All except Josselyn House (who abstained)

Fall Davison House 2015 Representative Recommendation: Luke Kachelein

Motion to appoint: all except Joss and Davison (who abstained)

Lathrop fall and spring 2015 Rep Recommendation: Renee Bryant

Motion to appoint: All except Joss, Ferry, Lathrop (who abstained)

Strong 2015 Spring Recommendation: Alana McCraw

Motion to appoint: All except Joss (who abstained)

Strong 2016 Representative Recommendation: Molly Barth

Motion to appoint: All except 2016 (who abstained)

South commons programming director recommendation: Rob Madden

Motion to appoint: Unanimous

Town Students Programming Director recommendation : Emilia Petrarca

Motion to appoint: Unanimous

2014 Judicial Board Representative Recommendation: Arushi Raina

Motion to appoint: Unanimous

7:38 // Annual Budgeting

VP for Finance: We have 12 minutes to discuss this as a whole. We must vote in a block; we either accept the budget as a whole or completely reject it.

If we reject the budget the following procedure:

minimum of 30 minute discussion period for any adjustments. Then a closed council meeting will take place. Then the meeting will be opened, and council will vote again.

President: 90 second speaking period.

Motion to discuss the budget

12 minute discussion period:

Ceramics club representative: The previous president failed to submit the proper paperwork last year and this has created a problem with our budgeting.

VP for Finance: This process has been going on for a month; there have been ample opportunities to object to the allotment. The club also has a sizable amount of funding from the Discretionary Fund and they could apply for more money from this fund.

Ceramics club: The art studio we worked at had financial problems and this was out of our control. We have found a new studio and they have promised us some discounts.

2013 Rep: I recommend you apply for other forms of funding and then complete a more thorough application in the fall.

2015 Rep.: I would like to allocate some small amount to the club.

2016 Rep.: I recommend that we do not allocate any funds. The process that we have set up would be circumvented if we funded this application, and this would be unfair to all of the clubs that did complete their paperwork. The club can come in upon our return in the fall and Council can provide the funds then.

2013 Rep.: All of next year’s VSA Council is in this room and will be aware of this scenario.

Motion to adopt the budget: Unanimous.

7:52 // Brief Remarks

President: We have dealt with major issues with VSA’s structure (pre-org. and annual budgeting)

We also received two new VPs in the middle of the semester.

Amanda has pushed through a social consciousness proposal.

Dallas has started rebuilding the VSA’s relationship with ALANA orgs.

I want to thank Council and Exec. this year. To new Council, best of luck to you.

7:55 // Open Discussion

2013 Rep.:  Convocation in the Chapel on Wednesday at 3:30 p.m.

Senior Week schedule is online. Prices will be going up on Thursday.

I’ve learned so much more about the college this way, and I wish I had joined sooner. Remember to keep the job in perspective. And know that you can get a lot done in this position. “Have a tequila shot and just live.”

Jewett House Rep.: Motion to pass a proposal that adds a line in the bylaws about how pre-orgs are discussed.

Motion to adopt proposal: All except 2016 rep. (who voted no)

2014 Representative: Founder’s Day is next weekend.

As MIA said “Live fast die young, bad girls do it well.”

Operations: To the new Council, we have council next week. During study week there will be an hour-long training. We will discuss goals and pick committees.

2016 Rep.: Thank you all for welcoming me; it can be hard being the only freshman on council. But thank you all, especially Exec. Board.

Terrace Apartments: We have been an efficient council and got a lot of things through. I’ve learned a lot of skills.

To next year’s council: Remember that we are people first, and also students, and then we are VSA council members.

“Know that this is not your life, and it shouldn’t be.”

We have had issues throughout the year that have dealt with trust and respect. Learn to love each other and respect each other.

Cushing Rep.: “JY-Stay. JY-YOLO.”

2013 Rep.: Thank you Dula and Emily for all of your assistance with council.

Josselyn Rep.: Thank you to all the VSA assistance.

VP Activities: Motion to adjourn,

Motion to Adjourn: All but VP for Activities vote in favor. (Activities votes no)  (8:08)

And that’s all she (I) wrote!!