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    VSA Council Meeting Minutes 27 October 2013 

    7:00 // Call to Order…PRESIDENT

    7:01 // Attendance…OPERATIONS
    Absent: NONE
    Proxy: STRONG

    7:02 // Consent Agenda

    Generation – Pre-Org ($50/$35)
    VPI – Speakers/Social Consciousness ($0/$505.90)
    Phil – Capital ($2100/$2100)
    Vass Shakers – Pre-Org ($200/$200)
    GAAP – Conference ($0/$900)
    Minstrels – Collaboration ($0/$900)
    QCVC – Speakers ($1700/$3000)
    Davison – Collaboration ($500)
    ASA – Capital ($273.54)
    VARC – Collaboration ($180)
    VSA Finance (Mug System) – Capital ($1500)
    Minutes from 10/20/2013
    Phil from the Capital Fund ($300)

    STUDENT LIFE: Send QCVC back to committee and tabled to next week.


    7:04 // Forum with EMS…EMS
    One weekends we are on 24 hours of the day.
    We respond to any emergencies on campus, students or visitors.
    We can be contacted through CRC.
    Campus control can contact EMS for assistance.
    There were 11 calls for Halloweekend and 5 hospitalizations from last night.

    FINANCE: How does that compare to last year? Previous year?
    AT LARGE: Last year was 12. The year before that was 10. Founders Day is also roughly the same; Founders Day is our other high day.

    TOWN STUDENTS: Do you respond to town students?
    AT LARGE: They have to be on campus for us to respond.

    TERRACE APARTMENTS: What does training entail? What is EMS’ relationship to the local community?
    AT LARGE: You need to be CPR certified to work with EMS. In order to become a crew chief, or a decision-maker, you need to be an EMT. You can do this either through classes at Vassar or from home-towns.
    We provide training every month at our general body meetings. We also provide weekend trainings from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. for practice situations.
    For off-campus resources, we are connected with the Arlington Fire Department; they are the local EMS.
    For sexual assault we have a whole host of other resources who are not connected to Vassar.

    DAVISON: Can you talk about the decision-making for hospitalization?
    AT LARGE: We will take students who are in a life-threatening situation to the hospital. I know a lot of students are worried about going to the hospital if they are intoxicated. We make the decision based on the safety of the student.
    On other campuses people have died or been in life-threatening situation because they were left alone.

    MAIN: Is there follow-up procedure?
    AT LARGE: There is follow-up on campus. The reports written by EMS are read by Baldwin and Baldwin will send a follow-up email to the students to check on their health. If the problem is substance related, Renee Pabst will also email the student.

    NOYES: Do these reports go to DB Brown?
    AT LARGE: We are only communicating with Baldwin and these reports are confidential. Occasionally, DB Brown follows up using the incident reports collected by security.

    NOYES: Do you have dorm-by-dorm statistical analysis?
    AT LARGE: No we don’t. Only seasonal and annual reports.

    TOWN STUDENTS: How much does it cost to be taken to the hospital?
    AT LARGE: The ambulance ride is free. The hospitalization is what costs money. The bill is usually roughly $2000 without insurance.

    FINANCE: What is the percentage of calls that are substance related?
    AT LARGE: Last year, intoxication accounted for roughly 50% of all EMS calls.

    2017: Are students responsible to get themselves from the hospital back to campus?
    AT LARGE: CRC can call a taxi company.

    RAYMOND: Do you know how we compare to other schools?
    AT LARGE: I do not.

    DAVISON: What are the most common events that prompt high EMS intoxication calls?
    AT LARGE: It has traditionally been Halloween, Founders Day, and Shiva Rave.

    TERRACE APARTMENT: How many people work with EMS?
    AT LARGE: We have roughly 60 active members, so everyone works at least once a month.
    In terms of decreasing calls, it’s a lot about educating students about how to enjoy themselves without going overboard. Encourage friends to look after friends. Also educating people that calling EMS to help an intoxicated friend is really for the best, especially given the Good Samaritan policy.

    JEWETT: Do you know if parents are contacted?
    AT LARGE: For students who are not legally an adult, under the age of 18, then parents will be contacted by the hospital. Parents are also contacted if a student is in a life-threatening situation. EMS never contacts parents.

    NOYES: Can you speak to the Good Samaritan policy?
    AT LARGE: The person who calls EMS will not be written up by security if that person is intoxicated.

    NOYES: How does the incident report tie into that?
    OPERATIONS: (as a members of EMS not OPERATIONS) Incident reports are not the same thing as being written up. If you show up on an incident report, you will not be asked to go before any panels to answer to these actions.
    TERRY HANLON: Students will be documented in these reports but they won’t get in trouble for any use of banned substances. However, if other violations were committed by a person who are intoxicated that individual can still be written up for these violations.

    HANLON: If students are involved in numerous Good Samaritan incidents, the student will then be asked to speak to either DB Brown or Renee Pabst about their drinking habits. Individuals can get in trouble for a “failure to comply” charge. The individual will not be in trouble for drinking, but can be under review for continuing risky behavior.

    7:29 // Executive Reports…STUDENT LIFE
    STUDENT LIFE: I finished the info graphic regarding sexual assault statistics.

    TERRACE APARTMENTS: Can you speak about the gender-neutral bathroom project?
    STUDENT LIFE: We are in talks about what a gender neutral bathroom would look like (should there be urinals, what kind of signage should be used?)

    7:33 // Executive Board Reports…ACADEMICS
    ACADEMICS: Peer-advising is happening on the 5th.We have advisors from 27 departments.
    This past week I was working on the Dean of Studies search committee. If you know a professor who would be good, encourage them to apply.
    The deadline is November 15th.
    We are trying to re-evaluate the CEQ.
    They are called the Student Course Evaluation; it’s still far off but this is as close as any change has ever been.
    The Cognitive Science Program applied to become a Department. This decision will go to the Faculty floor in November.

    2017: I have heard that the grading policy is under review, can you speak to this?
    ACADEMICS: There are conversations around this issue, but grading itself is not changing. They are trying to figure out how to make grades more equitable. They are considering an annotated transcript.
    JEWETT: It’s probably not going into effect while we are here.

    7:39 // Certification of SEASA…ACTIVITIES
    ACTIVITIES: South East Asian Student Alliance (SEASA) has been a preliminary organization for 5 semesters.

    Absentions: TAs, MAIN
    Opposed: None


    7:41 // Appointment of Davison Vice President…OPERATIONS
    OPERATIONS: It is the committee’s recommendation that we leave the position open for more applications. The basis for this is that due to the break, not many students knew that they could apply. Also the committee was not overwhelmingly satisfied with the single candidate, so we want more time for people to apply. Applications will be due 31 October, with the potential appointment on 3 November.

    Abstentions: Main, 2016
    Opposed: None


    7:46 // Appointment of Jewett Vice President…OPERATIONS
    OPERATIONS: Originally we had four applications, but one was a freshman which made the candidate ineligible.
    We recommend Mya Horowitz for the position.

    Abstentions: 2016, Jewett
    Opposed: None


    7:48 // Appointment of Jewett Secretary…OPERATIONS
    Originally we had three applications, but one was a freshman which made the candidate ineligible. Another candidate withdrew their application.
    We recommend Tomas Guarnizo.

    Abstentions: Jewett, 2016.
    Opposed: None


    7:50 // Appointment of Founders Day Co-Chairs…OPERATIONS
    OPERATIONS: Normally we only have 2 co-chairs, but we found three strong candidates so we want three co-chairs.

    Abstentions: STRONG, 2016, NOYES

    7:52 // Appointment of Founders Day Co-Chairs…OPERATIONS
    We also recommend Alix Lowe-Server.

    Abstentions: 2016
    Opposed: NONE


    7:53 // Appointment of Founders Day Co-Chairs…OPERATIONS
    The committee also recommends sophomore So Sun Park.

    Abstentions: 2016
    Opposed: None

    NOYES: Thank you to So Sun Park for coming to our meeting.

    OPERATIONS: We have received an application for the Noyes 2015 representative, so we are now putting a timeline on the application. Applications will be due on 31 October and the VSA will vote on the recommendation on 3 November.

    Abstentions: None
    Opposed: None


    7:58 // Open Discussion

    2014: Thank you to all of the help from members of Council with the organizing of the Halloween event.

    PRESIDENT: I want to encourage any constructive criticism of the Halloween event to be emailed to 2014.
    Instead of a quote on top of our agenda, we have an ‘in memory of’ Nancy Gannett ’49. In her obituary she asked that instead of flowers, she asked for donations to the VSA.
    Also, I encourage members of Council to help with the Seven Sisters Conference.

    OPERATIONS: Thank you to those people who helped with the appointment process.

    FINANCE: I will be off-campus on Thursday and Friday, so there will be no office hours for Finance on those days.

    ACTIVITIES: When you put in a request for a location for an event, please remember that this does not mean that you will necessarily be approved. Cathy Jennings must review the application and send a confirmation email.
    Org storage space applications are due November 3.
    Updated organization constitutions are due on November 18.

    JEWETT: Dormal Formal is on Novembers 16.

    2016: Damages done to dorms are divided among dorm residents at the end of the year.
    Starting now, I think we should evaluate whether this is fair. I would like to consider other ways of dividing the damage charge burden among the student body.
    1. Vassar, unlike many schools, maintains universal card access. This allows any student to go into any dorm at any time, meaning anyone can do damage to a dorm.
    2. Some dorms receive more damage than others, especially Main and Jewett, because of their location and proximity to places like the Villard Room and the Mug.

    2015: Strong and Josselyn Houses have open 2015 spring class council positions.

    2014: If you have comments on the Halloween event, please email me in the next two days.
    I do not want to receive emails about instances that took place outside of the Halloween event itself; this is not under our purview.
    Also special thanks to the House Advisors for their help with the Halloween event.


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    VSA Council Minute Meetings- 20 October 2013 

    Hi guys! Welcome back!

    7:01 // Call to Order…PRESIDENT
    (as we wait for Operations to get ready, PRESIDENT recounts how she pierced her own ear over break)
    7:03// Attendance…OPERATIONS
    Proxy: Representative for 2016
    Absent: none
    7:06// Consent Agenda…Council
    a. Minutes from 10/6/13

    Consent Agenda approved.

    7:07// Forum with Julian Williams, Director of Equal Opportunity & Affirmative Action
    WILLIAMS: I also work as the Title IX Officer.
    I have been working at Vassar for 9 years.
    I investigate issues of sexual harassment and discrimination, when the issue is not between two students. I supervise the way that the administration investigation
    I also serve a tool when the administration is looking into the recruitment of faculty in terms of people of color and women.
    We have a large amount of resource including Elizabeth Schrock and CARES.
    Both are private forms of reporting and they remain confidential. Using these services do not automatically trigger an investigation by the administration.
    We always people to reach out to law enforcement; we don’t make the decision for the student, but we encourage students to do so. I believe that currently not enough people to utilize local law enforcement.
    After an investigation is conducted regarding sexual assault or Title IX issues, a trial is conducted to determine the veracity of the claim; typically, if a member is found guilty, these issues result in suspensions or expulsion.
    We are in many ways ahead of the curve in terms of handling issues of sexual assault and discrimination.
    My office investigates discrimination or sexual harassment between a student and faculty member. We want to let students know that this is a serious issue and that the college treats these issues very seriously. I also encourage student to talk with me regarding discrimination or sexual assault.

    MAIN: We discussed issues of racial discrimination with Dean Roellke. He encouraged students to report issues. What are your feelings?
    WILLIAMS: The college could follow up without necessarily opening an investigation. If a student receives a complaint based on racial profiling from a security officer, for example, my office would investigate the situation. If, however, the report came from a student and were directed toward a student my office would not be investigating the case.
    However my office is also attempting to make sure that resources encouraging acceptance and personal development are available to students.

    AT LARGE: Can you talk about the support component more?
    WILLIAMS: I think that I must remain visible on campus and that way students will know that I can be a resource for them. Support can also come through making sure that the information regarding reporting, both to my office and other parts of the administration, is widely distributed. Also, my office is in Metcalf on the first floor.

    OPERATIONS: How common is it that students follow up with local law enforcement? How have students experiences been with local law enforcement?
    WILLIAMS: Not many people do report this to local law enforcement. Part of this is that law enforcement can appear somewhat cold. Our standard of evidence at the college is quite different from that of a local prosecutor; the college looks at the perponderance of evidence (50% or more likelihood), whereas local prosecutors only want to bring up criminal cases if the accused is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

    FINANCE: The Supreme Court is about to hear a case about affirmative action; can you tell us more about the case’s implications?
    WILLIAMS: When the Supreme Court ruled in 2004 that race could be used as part of the admissions process, many states proposed ballot initiatives challenging this ruling. Many states ruled that race should no longer be used in the admissions process. I think that they will uphold these ballot initiatives.
    This should not directly affect us because I think that these rulings will be state-specific. Moreover, Vassar has its own strong commitment to diversity.

    PRESIDENT: What does ‘investigate’ mean?
    WILLIAMS: You talk to both the accuser and the accused. You also talk with witnesses, individuals who have knowledge of these people, you read many documents (text messages and emails). The investigations take a various amount of time.
    In terms of student to student Title IX issues our target timeline is 60 days.
    For student-faculty issues, we also attempt to make a decision within 60 days.

    WILLIAMS: I look periodically with Elizabeth Schrock, Title IX investigators, and others so that we understand our goals. One of these long-term goals is to make this campus more equitable. We want to think of ways, be it changes in policy, events, etc., that will help people feel more equitable.

    PRESIDENT: What else can we do as student leaders to help?
    WILLIAMS: When we look specifically at reporting around issues of gender; most of victims are women and most of the accused are men. We have to spend more time talking to men about these issues; we talk to women quite often about ways of avoiding dangerous situations. We should spend more time engaging with men on issues of appropriate behavior, self-confidence, and empathy. For the most part our students get it, but we cannot let this stop us from thinking critically about our own role in these issues.

    7:35// Executive Board Reports
    PRESIDENT: The Board of Trustees met in the beginning of October Break and I served as the student witness to the meeting.
    They were still discussing student space; there is now a subcommittee looking into the use of the Juliet cafe space.
    The Seven Sisters conference is in two weeks (November 1-3). We have 60 people coming from the 5 remaining sisters. We have a day of activities planned on Saturday. We have not always had the best relationship with the Seven Sisters, as many don’t agree we should be part of the Seven Sisters, so this is an important step in our relationship.

    2015: Can you talk about how much the Board of Trustees is actually interested in student events?
    PRESIDENT: There are some committees that we are invited to and others that we are not. They did ask us to discuss the campus climate. They are very receptive to our notes, and said that they will be looking into ways

    TERRACE APARTMENTS: What are the themes of the Seven Sisters program?
    PRESIDENT: We are focused on collaboration and analyzing the topic in 4 steps.
    1. Inter-collegiate collaboration
    -analysis of the various student groups and their relationships
    2. Intra-collegiate collaboration
    -two colleges plan an event around one similarity
    3. Seven Sisters collaboration
    -brainstorming our shared values
    4. Analyze communities or centers on campus that student government can collaborate with more broadly.

    Open positions that we will fill in the coming week:
    Jewett Secretary and Vice President
    Davison Vice President
    Founders Day Co-chairs
    These applications closed at noon and will be reviewed by OPERATIONS committee this week.
    We are looking at having a corum for appointment-related operations committee meetings, much like Finance does. Our minimum would be 7 representatives. We think that having only a small group to discuss applications is not adequate in terms of deciding student representation.
    VSARC is moving forward will be a joint project between STUDENT LIFE and OPERATIONS committees.

    JEWETT: When are operations meetings?
    OPERATIONS: 5:00 p.m. on Mondays. But we do not interview students at this time; we send out a When-is-good to decide candidate meeting times.

    MAIN: When does VSARC meet?
    OPERATIONS: Thursdays at 9:00 p.m. in Faculty Commons. This time will change and we will publish the new time when we have made a decision.

    SOUTH COMMONS: Is this open to the student body?
    OPERATIONS: Yes all students are welcome.

    SOUTH COMMONS: Right now preliminary organizations cannot use the name “Vassar” in their titles. This is a problem because many students already do and others that would like to use Vassar in their organization’s name would need to change their name following the preliminary status period.

    Vassar Student Association Amendment 28 – __
    An Amendment Concerning the Use of “Vassar” In Preliminary Organization’s Names
    Principal Authors: South Commons, Ben Morse ‘14

    SECTION 1: Article VIII, Section 4, Subsection A of the Bylaws shall include an additional sub-point:

    4. Use “Vassar” in its official name

    SECTION 2: Article VIII, Section 4, Subsection B, Sub-Point 1 of the Bylaws shall be struck:

    B. A Preliminary Organization cannot:
    1. Use “Vassar” in its official name.

    ENACTMENT: As is prescribed in Article XI of the VSA Constitution, this amendment shall be enacted by a two-thirds vote of the VSA Council. All relevant numbers shall be changed accordingly.




    7:55// Open Discussion…Council

    2014: Halloweekend is this weekend and we will be tabling in the College Center with tickets for the dance. Tickets will also be sold at the door.

    ACADEMICS: November 5 the Peer Advising event will take place, most likely in the Aula. Brewer House cup points are at stake (100 points). Food will also be provided.

    SOUTH COMMONS: There are 3 picnic tables in South Commons now so please come visit them while there is still nice weather.

    MAIN: Halloweekend is this weekend. Please avoid damaging my house.




    One hour! That was pretty brief! I’ll write you again next week!

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    VSA Council Minute Meeting- 4 October 2013 

    Hi guys! Last one of these before break! Sorry we are starting late, but people are still streaming in. In the mean-time, Deb is story-telling…

    7:04 // Call to Order…President
    7:05 // Attendance…Operations

    Introduction of at large members
    Council Members not in attendance:
    Proxy: Davison House (Khasi Jamieson), Jewett (Chris Brown), Josselyn (Adam Eichen)

    7:09 // Consent Agenda…Operations

    Squirm – Speakers ($3500/$4000)
    Fem Alliance – Conference ($400/$517.50)
    Ceramics – Discretionary ($1000/$2790)
    MICA – Speakers, Conference ($0, $0/$1550, $500)
    RunVassar – Community ($500/$1000)
    Britomartis – Discretionary ($400/$400)
    SEASA – Preliminary Org ($176.69/$186.69)
    CBS – Collaboration ($0/$500)
    Woodshed – Capital ($0/$3300)
    Democracy Matters – Discretionary ($55/$55)
    Poder Latino – Social Consciousness ($500/$500)
    Fem Alliance – Social Consciousness ($485/$485)
    Woodshed – Capital ($350/$350)
    Minutes from 9/29/13
    Archery – 3rd Semester
    Beauty and the Beats – 1st Semester
    Body Positive – 1st Semester
    Choir Council – 1st Semester
    Comedy Normative – 3rd Semester
    Committed – 1st Semester
    Environmental Brigade – 1st Semester
    Generation – 1st Semester
    Giving to Extremes – 1st Semester
    LiNK – 1st Semester
    Native American Students Alliance (NASA) – 1st Semester
    Quest Scholars Chapter of Vassar College – 1st Semester
    Southeast Asian Students Alliance (SEASA) – 4th Semester
    Joint Understanding Military Pathways and Support (JUMPS) – 1st Semester
    Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) – 1st Semester
    Trivia Group – 1st Semester
    Vass Shakers – 3rd Semester
    VCTV – 3rd Semester
    Vassar Croquet Association – 1st Semester
    Young Democratic Socialists (YDS) – 1st Semester


    7:11// Forum with Chris Roellke, Dean of the College…AT LARGE
    ROELLKE: I’ve been a Dean for 6 years now. We are still looking for a Dean of Studies, which we hope to fill by the end of the year; the position lasts for 5 years. Eve Dunbar is going to serve in my stead next semester.
    The Board of Trustees meet 3 times a year (October, February, and May). They have a fiduciary focus. The board has 6 new members this year. There are either 32 to 34 members. The vast majority of the board are alums.
    I work with the Student Affairs Committee.
    These are the questions I am posing to the Board:
    1. How can the Dean of the College best serve a changing student demographic?
    2. How can we increase the resources devoted to life after Vassar?
    3. How can Vassar best prepare for more Posse groups?
    5. Progress on construction on dorms given the financial constraints?
    6. What are the best investments we can make on student space.
    I serve on the Crisis Response Group. I work
    I meet with the Dean of Studies, Dean of Freshman, Associate Dean of Residential Life for Campus Activities, Associate Dean of Residential Life for Campus Life and Diversity on a weekly basis.
    Topics for the Committee on College Life:
    1. Review the Bias-Incident Report group
    2. Discussing first year preparation activities.
    3. Think about the re-orientation process in January (for freshman)
    4. Review House Fellow policies
    5. Review activities during Reading Period
    A revised mission statement for the Committee will be available online next week

    2015 REP: Among the students there are concerns about changing the Reading Period review. What kind of student input would you be gathering before making the decision?
    ROELLKE: There are actually more students on the committee than faculty. There are 7 students who sit on the committee. I envision lots of student input.

    FINANCE: How have students been involved in the Posse Program?
    ROELLKE: They have not been very involved in the program. Within 2 weeks of President Hill contacting the Posse Program,
    One of the things we are trying to negotiate is not having the Posse veterans on stage all the time and giving them some privacy. Ben Lotto is their advisor and meets with them on a weekly basis.

    ACADEMICS: What are the priorities in looking for a Dean of Studies?
    ROELLKE: We are looking for someone who can wear many hats, and are good cooperators. The person works with office like Junior Year Abroad, the Fellowship Office, and Office of Accessibility. They should be able to lead professors and be a friendly face to students. I am not on the search committee.

    NOYES: Can you talk more about re-orientation?
    ROELLKE: This is a very fledgling program that the Office of Residential Life. This would not happen this year; the discussion are happening this year.

    AT LARGE: How could you talk about the alcohol-event relationship?
    ROELLKE: It has been a little bit more quiet than it has been in the past falls. There have been fewer calls for medical services. However this is still a main concern. We had an alcohol task force a few years ago and there were events talking about binge drinking and pre-gaming. I am pleased that we have a good samaritan policy. I would like to compliment the Vassar EMS. We hope that students make decisions good decisions, but we have to continue programming for when they don’t. I have to say that drinking is against the law if you are under 21, and in Dutchess County has a fairly harsh policy about serving underage individuals.

    2016 REP: Where would we go to talk about making alterations on the College Handbook?
    ROELLKE: The Committee on College Life. I would be a good person to contact about that.

    2016 REP: Can you speak to the transfer or mid-year transfer policies?
    ROELLKE: They are assigned a student fellow and a transfer fellow. There aren’t many students and because of this they haven’t risen on the list of priorities. But we need to do more for them.

    2015 REP: There are very individuals who are feeling under-represented on the campus, where do you go if you want to change policies about their representation?
    ROELLKE: An example would be a student-trustee idea. But for all ideas, there is a committee FPPC that deal with this, and Burt Lot is the chair.

    AT LARGE: How do we hold students accountable for racial profiling? Who would we go to for’
    ROELLKE: You can file a complaint about issues like reporting students to security based on race, under the rules on discrimination. Dean of Students office will receive complaints. It is very difficult to hold students accountable but we must try.

    OPERATIONS: Some CCL representatives have problems with representing their constituency. What can be done to help them?
    ROELLKE: The CCL meetings are not confidential and they should be allowed to have access to listservs.

    7:41 // Executive Board Reports
    Congratulations to the new pre-organizations.
    Meet Me In Poughkeepsie was successfully held yesterday.
    We are working on finding storage space for more student organizations. The decisions will be made in the next few weeks.

    AT LARGE: How long would preliminary organization be preliminary?
    ACTIVITIES: For 3 semesters, with applications being submitted each semester. After that period the organization would be able to apply for full organization status.

    Two new additions to the Finance Committee: Raph and Carolina.
    We are looking on expanding the Capital Loan System.
    We are looking into more VCash machines.
    We are going to be reviewing the Proxy system within our meetings and also our structure at large.

    AT LARGE: Can you speak to denying preliminary organization applications?
    ACTIVITIES: We look at the benefit to the campus, we try to ensure that no certified organization already fulfills the mission of the preliminary organization, and we consider the student interest in the activity.

    7:51 // Davison House President Appointment…OPERATIONS
    OPERATIONS: We had two fantastic applications for the President and both were on House Team. We recommend that Khasi take over as the president.
    We think that he had great and concrete ideas, he had lead meetings and had experience serving as a leader, the House Team were very pleased with his service thus far.
    Move to appoint Khasi as Davison House President

    TERRACE APARTMENTS: How will we fill the other positions?
    OPERATIONS: We will have applications until noon of the Sunday we run from October break. The positions will be filled the following weekend.

    2016 REP: This shows that we really need to consider how we fill these positions. But also thank you to Ali for her hard work.

    Abstentions: 2016, Davison, Noyes, Main
    Opposed: None


    7:55 // Filling Open Positions…OPERATIONS
    OPERATIONS: We had 3 interested candidates for the 2014 Judicial Board Representative. We recommend Natalia Preciato for this position. She has been trained to serve on panels about interpersonal violence.
    Motion to appoint Natalia Preciato as 2014 Judicial Board Representative
    Abstentions: Jewett Proxy
    Opposed: None


    7:59 // Declaration of Open Positions…Operations
    Open positions: Jewett Vice President, Davison Vice President, Jewett Secretary.
    Applications will close Sunday October 20 at noon.
    Motion to fill these positions by appointmentTHIS MOTION PASSES

    8:03 // Amendment Regarding Naming of Preliminary Organizations…Operations

    Vassar Student Association Amendment 28 – __
    An Amendment Concerning the Use of “Vassar” In Preliminary Organization’s Names
    Principal Authors: South Commons, Ben Morse ‘14

    SECTION 1: Article VIII, Section 4, Subsection A of the Bylaws shall be revised to read:

    A. A Preliminary Organization can:

    4. Use “Vassar” in its official name

    SECTION 2: Article VIII, Section 4, Subsection B, Clause 1 of the Bylaws shall be struck:

    B. A Preliminary Organization cannot:
    1. Use “Vassar” in its official name.

    ENACTMENT: As is prescribed in Article XI of the VSA Constitution, this amendment shall be enacted by a two-thirds vote of the VSA Council. All clause numbers shall be changed accordingly.

    This is the first reading, meaning it will be voted on next council meeting.

    8:06 // Open Discussion…

    2014 REP: Halloween is coming up and I am working on that.

    2016 REP: Welcome to Nnenia, the 2017 Class Representative.

    SOUTH COMMONS: I have received requests that the VSA Council Agenda be made available to students before the meetings.
    OPERATIONS: I will try to do this soon.

    OPERATIONS: Operations Committee did a great job with the interviewing candidates.

    ACADEMICS: Make sure students on the Academics Committee read the questions I sent.

    CUSHING: Will there be food in Decee after Dark?

    ACTIVITIES: Currently, no. But many discussions are being had about food.

    2016 REP: My class council has been reconsidering our structure. We want to make sure that people who have traditionally been under-represented have a voice on our council. Representatives from LGBTQ, VISA, ALANA, RSL, Women’s Center have been invited to come work with our council.

    Fund levels (approximation):
    Discretionary: $30,000
    Capital: $40,000
    Social Consciousness: $7,500
    Collaboration: $11,000
    Conference: $13,500
    New Organizations: $2,300
    Community: $9,500
    Speakers: $40,000

    OPERATIONS: If you are interested in making formal language to this new council policy, Operations Committee would be willing to look into this.
    Also, motion to adjourn.

    Abstentions: None.
    Opposed: FINANCE, STRONG, 2015 REP.


    BYE guys! write you in a couple of weeks!

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