VSA 2014/2015 election results

11:56 p.m.//Students are gathering in the Retreat to hear election results. Stay tuned for live results!

12:00 a.m.//Board of Elections announces that they will begin announcing results at the bottom of the candidates list and ending with the Executive Board.

Note: If a 50% quota has not been met, the person elected may not be announced as the winner because not enough of the constituency has voted.

More details on who the 2015 Senior Class President will be at a later time.

12:01 a.m.//Committee on Admissions and Financial Aid: Gabriel Ramos ’17, Emily Omrod ’16 and Delaney Fisher ’15.

Committee on Sustainability: Adam Eichen ’15.

Master Planning Committee Representative, Gabriel Ramos, Richard Le, Ariadne Skofous

Food Committee Chair: Andrew Eslich

Committee on Academic Technology: George Beyer

Committee on College Life: Casey Hancock ’15,  Laura Schachter ’16, Adam Ninyo ’17

Campus Investor Responsibility Committee: Adam Eichen, Tinatin “Tiko” Nikvashvili

Town Students Treasurer: Danyelle Hamilton

**Special election for South Commons President

South Commons Programming Director: Aja Saalfeld

South Commons Tresurer: Jacob Moore

TA President: Simon Patane

TA Programming Director: Daniel Killian

TA Treasurer: Jennifer Barone

TH President: Kelly Wilkinson

TH Treasurer: Michelle Forman

TH Programming Director: Alex Voynow

Main 2017 Rep: Jane Bader

Main 2016 Spring Rep: Elena Riecke

Main Treasurer: Anna Blum

Main Secretary: Sophie Dewil

Main Vice President: Julia Pantalone

Main President: Drew Leventhal

Lathrop 2017 Rep: Emma Guy

Lathrop 2016 Rep: Adam Mittman

Lathrop Treasurer: Juan Felipe Laso

Lathrop Secretary: Libbey Prosser

Lathrop Vice President: Mr. Jacob Devasagayam

Lathrop President: Sam Rosenthal

Strong 2017 Rep: Caroline Coleman

Strong Treasurer: Leah O’Brien

Strong Secretary: Kimmie Ross

Strong Vice President: Nnennia Mazagwu

Strong President: Neena McBaer

Davison 2017 Rep: James Falino

Davison Treasurer: Joey Weiman

Davison Secretary: David Pham

Davison Vice President: Stefan Richards

Davison President: William Chaudoin

Raymond 2017 Rep – Cristian Ventura

Raymond Treasurer: Sherry Imran

Secretay: Alayna O’Brian

Vice President: Priya Misra

President: Matt Ford


Jewett 2017 Rep – Gileann Tan

Jewett Treasurer: Hailey Prather

Jewett Secretary: Laura Barreto

Jewett Vice President: Zichen Chen

Jewett President: Calvin Lamothe


Joss 2017 Rep – Kayla Schwab

Joss Treasurer: Eric Hong

Joss Secretary: Carson Packer

Joss Vice President: Elijah Lucey

Joss President: Luke Dowker


Noyes 2017 Rep:  Tyler Welch

Noyes Treasurer: Rosalind Lytle-Rich

Noyes Secretary: Rose Hedreen

Noyes Vice President: Cristian Uriostegui

Noyes President: Karen Crook


Cushing 2017 Rep:  Gabrielle Crook

Cushing Treasurer: Daniel Gu

Cushing Secretary: Hailey Brown

Cushing President: Essie Asan


Class of 2017

Treasurer: Saisha Srivastava

Secretary: Chealin Won

Vice President: Emma Davis

President: Jonathan Nichols


Class of 2016

Treasurer: Chelsea Carter

Secretary: Elayna Horvit

Vice President: Lauren Garcia

President: Stephanie Zhu


Class 2015

Treasurer: Gregg Watts


Board of Elections and Appointments

2017 Rep: David Pham

2016 Rep: Laura Schachter

2015 Rep: Delaney Fischer, Collin Crilly

Chair: Casey Hancock


Judicial Board

2017 Reps: Joe Syzmanski, Vincent Palladino, Emily Bender, Thomas Jin

2016 Reps: Maximillian Cordeiro, Amreen Bhasin, Matthew Gabriele, Zoe Tong Kurtz

2015 Reps: Michelle Yuan, Briana Pedroni, Sarah Mincer, Louis Cheng

Chair: Gagandeep “Deep” Anand



VP for Finance: Max Moran ’16
VP for Activities: Reuben Moncada ’15
VP for Academics: Logan Hill ’16
VP for Operations: Ramy Abbady ’16
VP for Student Life: Hannah Matsunaga ’16
VSA President: Carolina Gustafon ’15