VSA Council November 30, 2014

Hey everyone! My name is Palak Patel and I’m the incoming Editor-in-Chief for The Miscellany News. We are getting ready to liveblog the VSA meeting tonight, so sit tight and get ready for some fun!

7:02 // Call to order, Attendance

Proxy: Cushing

Absent: Finance, Town Students, Student Life

7:03//Consensus Agenda

  1. Matt Kolbert for 2017 BOEA Rep
  2. Minutes From 11/23/14

Operations: Chair of the BOEA was vacated.

Pres: Anyone object to the consensus agenda? No.

Operations: So as you all know, the external review is happening this week. Not much else is going on in the operational realm. Gabby Miller will no longer be the Ferry Rep for the Spring. And the 2015 Judicial Board rep position is open.

Activities: I don’t have too many updates. If you know anyone in orgs, we are reviewing them right now. Make sure they fill out the forms. Congrats to Palak. We are having casino night Dec. 13. Come to that!

Joss: Do house teams have to fill out forms?

Activities: No.

Joss: Motion to adjourn?

Pres: No, we have open discussion. I have a few things. So first, I want to acknowledge that there has been a number of stuff going on on campus. The mental health petition has been going around, we have forwarded that to Cappy. However we don’t feel that the council floor is the optimal place to discuss these issues. We encourage people to come to the committee meetings or to exec members. Secondly, on a similar note, Hannah cannot be here tonight because of travel plans, but we have a written statement.  (Paraphrased): “I think I speak for the entire VSA council when I say that we were enraged by the decision to not indict Darren Wilson. I’m sorry that I am not in council tonight to deliver this. In addition to the weight of this decision, we are also dealing with the newly released Margolis Healy results, the Gawker article written by faculty member Kiese Laymon and the Boilerplate article written by sophomore Anthony Choquette. Friends, do not feel disheartened by the conversations happening in council. We are supporting our community by keeping the orgs people love running. This is not to say that I think we are doing is enough or that our job is done. We cannot depend on the council floor to get things done. To any campus activists: let us know what you need. We want to work with you. It’s not a lofty group of policy making bureaucracy, but a group of your peers. It is an honor to stand both with and behind you.”

Cushing: Cushing is having it’s event in the Villard room on Dec 5. Please come!

2015: Senior class is also having an event!

7:12//Council Adjourns