VSA 4.26.15

7:01//Call to Order and Attendance

Absent: 2015, Cushing (proxy), SoCos (proxy)

7:03//Consensus Agenda

  1. ViCE Student Music (Capital) $1519.98/$1519.98
  2. ViCE Special Events (Collaboration) $2500/$3000
  3. ViCE Special Events (Discretionary) $500/$2000
  4. SJP (PreOrg) $925/$925
  5. Outing Club (Capital) Full Minus Tents/$1700
  6. LiNK (Discretionary) $1500/$1500
  7. Class of 2016 (Collaboration) $350/$350
  8. WOCA (PreOrg) $100/$100
  9. UNICEF (Discretionary) $150/$150
  10. Scientific Research Literature Club (PreOrg) $130/$130
  11. Minutes From 4/19/15

Finance: Student Music requested to buy amps from Capital. We are still doing well with the Capital Fund. The comedy festival happened and that was the collab fund. ViCE Special Events also asked for money for the paint party. SJP is putting on a panel and working with other orgs. Outing club asked for more equipment. LiNK is having a charity dinner with a CIA chef. 2016 in collabs with other classes is doing a Founders Day pre-party. WoCa is having a WOC brunch. UNiCEF needed extra funds. Scientific Research Club applied for funds.

7:03//Traditions Committee Amendment

Ops: We have two versions of it. We are making some changes to the committee.

Adit Vaddi: My basic reasoning for that is that since the co-chairs will be appointed by the BOEA, I just felt that there was no need for additional help from BOEA. They should be credible enough by the end. BOEA doesn’t need to do everything for us.

Josh: Are there any VSA bodies that are structured like that? I’m speaking ot consistency.

Activities: There isn’t a lot like that. Student Gift, maybe. I don’t think it is a thing we should shy away from. The way that this structure works is a lot different than other orgs.

Joss: Finance committee did that?

Pres: They are moving to BOEA doing it next year.

Ops: In the past, when Ops was in charge, we appointed Founders Day chairs. That’s the best analogy I can make.

Vaddi: The traditions committee can be more comparable to a VSA org. We run our own events. We are independent of a VSA committee. We aren’t really tied to the VSA.

2017: BOEA provides for uniformity of publicizing. If we are going to have a body that does this, we need to keep having it. THey have access to all-campus emails.

Vaddi: My point would be to remove the additional beauracracy. BOEA would still be in charge. We will keep everything public.

Ops: I move to adopt the one on the first page, the one being suggested by Adit.

Strong, 2017 oppose. Motion passes.

7:12//Annual Budgeting Report

Finance: This is a new budget format. We grouped orgs based on mission statements and functions. They are in 16 different groups. That way we can compare orgs of a similar nature. We need to see how much we are spending with each particular org. We have expanded VSA internal funds. We’ve removed some things and put them into separate funds for the traditions committee. I’ve also included the stipend. These are all approximations. This needs to be approved by council, every step of the way. We all need to be on the same page. We increased Conference, Collab and Social Consciousness funds for next year. They were heavily used this year. We broke down classes and residences. We cut the house budgets. There was never a methodology for how to budget housing funds. We built in a methodology this year. Next year’s VP for Finance will also have more training for House Treasurers. Senior Class went down because we removed Senior Week ticketing. We broke down senior housing based on population. Our first grouping was Health and Fitness. These groupings are imperfect. Next we have a capella. If there is a dash, they didn’t submit an app. The asterisk is an org whose budget is gonna change. Then it is Issues and Activism. We’ve increased spending on this by 20%. I think that is inline with the current trend on campus. Next we have Identity orgs. They have been historically underfunded. We will see a 10% increase. Competitive orgs have a 4% increase. That may go lower. Then Political and Ideological orgs. Then Dance. Then Community Service and Charitable and Religious and Spiritual. Comedy Orgs. Theater. Publications. Hobbies and Interests. Then music and finally ViCE. The model is that we will budget for the events we know they will put on. We will put the money into a discretionary fund. We will empower the entire ViCE exec board. They want a new group as well. This is a collaborative process.

Ops: How did you arrive at the number for the Exec stipend?

Finance: I took work study info. Is that wrong?

Ops: That’s right, but you have the wrong number.

Finance: Please tell me the errors you see.

StuLife: Thanks Finance. I know that the a capella group that is now known as Home Brewed, used to be called the Minstrels. I’m curious about what it will look like for orgs that submitted their app late or didn’t submit at all. How generous will you be?

Finance: Shockingly generous. Every org received more than enough time, but we are still looking at aps right now. We will not NOT budget them. But people need to be responsive. They basically have until the end of the week.

TA: For third semester pre-orgs, how does that work?

Finance: I don’t think there are any third semester pre-orgs on here. They will have to do their annual budgeting at a different time. I’m not anticipating a problem. We just take money out of the discretionary fund.

Josh: Three questions, will this be made available to treasurers?

Finance: Yes.

Josh: Okay. What does rollover look like?

Finance: Some orgs do get rollover. Any org that does their own fundraising gets to keep their money, basically. We haven’t put in the money for Senior Week. With 80% certainty, we can put money into a student assistance fund. I wanted that to be earmarked. It can be informally distributed. That fund is going to change over time, but our growth should be placed there. I’m leaving about $25,000 unbudgeted. We don’t want to overspend and this will be our cushion. I think it might be time to do some transfers to our Student Life and Diversity centers. The disparity is silly.

Seth Molwitz: How much do you think the org budgets will go up after appeals?

Finance: If you include Senior week, it will probably end at about $700,000. This is all contingent on our student activities fee and our enrollment. I’ve talked to people about lowering the fee, but that’s something they don’t want to see done. The last thing I would like to say is that I will send you the most updated version later tonight. Finance committee met a lot this past week. This is an equitable breakdown. I think it is important that students see the percent change from year to year.

Main: Last year, there was a ranking of who gets money?

Finance: I can do that. Thanks Finance Committee.

7:38//Constituent Concerns

7:39//Executive Board Reports

Operations: Food Truck Friday is this week! Huge thanks to Steph and Laura Schachter. We will have three food trucks: Mole Mole, Black Forest Kuchen and Sweets. Ops has been talking about Butch’s report. We are putting together a list of things to try to do next year. It’s hard because we are mostly outgoing. Send the report out!

Student Life: We are working on a video project. It’s called Vassar A to Z and it will be sent out to incoming students to tell them about Vassar. I sit on the Faculty Training committee of CIE. There’s a Dean Director’s Retreat coming up. There will be a panel and breakout sessions. The faculty will talk about issues of identity in classrooms. It is led by Prof Hite and folks in the Latino/a Studies. We narrowed down some scenarios. It’s a cool project. I think it is a good place to approach teaching faculty things. All faculty are invited to attend, but not everyone attends. The survey has broken 1000 responses! That puts us over 40%, that makes us look good in comparison. The distribution looks good overall. We will close it out next week. There is also a mass exodus of young admin leaving Vassar. This is a problem.

Academics: Do you know when the survey results will come out?

StuLife: we will do presentations in the Fall. The desire is to have something available online, but also have a series of presentations around campus. The format is undecided, but there will be a tangible thing online later in the fall.

Ops: Do you know when the open positions will be filled?

StuLife: They are in the process of hiring Luz’s replacement now. Julian’s position will have unofficial interim director for a while. His position is hard to fill because he was also working as unofficial legal counsel to some. I don’t know when this will happen.

SoCos: The last two on-campus interviews for House Advisors will be arriving soon. They should be starting July 1. HSAs have been participating in these interviews.

StuLife: What will the House Advisor structure look like next year?

SoCos: There will be five Advisors. They each will still have two houses. The clusters will change. They will all be full-time reslife staff. There will be post-baccs.

Ops: In Cappy’s list of promises, one of them was a 6th house advisor. We knew that was never gonna happen. We should check on that.

7:53//Council Updates

Noyes: Nothing to report. We had an event. We have merch. We are redoing our MPR hopefully.

Raymond: Not much going on. Fun study breaks! On Wednesday we are celebrating a dog’s birthday.

TAs: We had a CPR class today. We are all ready for Founder’s Day. That’s pretty much it.

7:54//Open Discussion

Cushing: We with 2017, will be having a movie screening! Spirited Away. It’ll be the CDF quad.

Main: This week we are hosting our Week of Love. It’s our low-key big event. Tabling all over. Fun food. More dogs. All the campus dogs on the library lawn.

Finance: This is the first time that the VP for Finance has been a junior. I will be leaving, but I can still help Josh Tempro. What could you have had this year that would’ve made your job easier? Send me a list of house items that you are in need of. ResLife is supposed to pay for it, let’s just spend our own money. There are two ideas for feedback. How do you think your residents would feel to have more dorm dinners? What ideas do you think you could do for expanded programming? What would you do with $100,000? We should have the best programming of any liberal arts college, and I assure you we don’t. Congrats to those who won elections.

StuLife: Are we gonna have bagels in the THs? How can we make it a safe founders day? What can we do to make it a safe and fun founders day? Day drinking will fuck you up.

SoCos: For those of you living in Senior Housing, this is the last weekend you can register parties!

StuLife: You cannot register parties after classes end?

SoCos: Yeah, because that is quiet time. ANd you can’t do it Founders Day weekend.

Joss: Joss merch is here.

Ops: Two things. Yik Yak has become the worst thing ever here. I think it would be productive to talk to people about what anonymous posting affects others. Second, a few people attended a lecture. The VSA didn’t pay for it. Campus Activities did approve the event. This kind of event didn’t help. It was a terrible lecture.

Finance: On that, I decided that we should include the names of lecturers who are coming.

2018: Lighter note, 2016/2018 is having a collab event on the Vogelstein quad on Friday.

TA: Question for Finance, for founders day bagels, we are pretty sure we can cover everything but what process can we get more money?

Finance: we can make a motion to fund that from discretionary. Send me an email with how much you want.

StuLife: I think we shouldn’t let the houses have this same generosity.

2018: We just want to wake up with alcohol. Having bagels in the house will be good to have students eat something.

Finance: I think more needs to be done to make going to the deece a tradition. I am erring on the side that if people need more money for food, we will pay for it.

2016: I think in regard with juices and liquids, I think that helps to keep people from getting too drunk.

Main: The way we did it last year, we had a full Panera breakfast. That’s what I would go towards.

Maddy: In my three years in Strong, we got bagels every year. It is easy and just down stairs. I think it is important to have easy access to food, and free food.

Pres: I think it is a nice way to create community

2018: Let’s just have more meals in houses. How much money do we spend on food?

2017: Move to vote on the motion on the table.

The motion passes.

Finance: Email me and let me know what you want.

StuLife: Access and Fem Alliance are circulating a petition. The philosophy dept has invited Peter Singer to skype in. If you are upset by this, sign the petition. They will be hosting a talkback after the lecture. We are having a BIRT emergency meeting. Motion to adjourn.