VSA Council 8/30/2015

Hi everyone and welcome back! The VSA is trying something a little different today and wants to meet in Kenyon 131 today.

7:03//Call to Order and Attendance

absent: Cushing, Ferry, Strong, Activities (ALL LATE)

7:08//Executive Board Reports

Academics: Syllabus archive almost up and running. There are about 30 syllabi now.

StuLife: Fill out the WhenIsGood.

Ops: Same.

Finance: I am trying to meet this Wed. for Finance committee.

Pres: Open house went well today. Lot of first year students. Exec will start having office hours. Mine are gonna be Monday 12:00-1:30.

7:10//Constituent Concerns

SoCos: Serenading?

2016: Traditions committee is doing it. Plan for food trucks, fireworks and navy powder paint instead of water balloons. Because they are moving Serenading away from Freshman Orientation, we moved it later. It’s going to be Sept. 20. They are looking for student DJs. They cut the senior t-shirts from the budget and now we have to use the Senior budget for our tank tops.

SoCos: Lot of sudden changes. Where is the feedback?

2016: They made things over the summer completely independently.

Pres: They were forced to choose that date. It’s the same as Families weekend.

SoCos: Lots of stuff is happening without any feedback. I’m not into it. We need to be accountable. It’s not like it used to be.

2016: I feel like Serenading has changed every year.

SoCos: It’s pretty dramatic. There wasn’t a lot of communication. I have strong feelings about this.

2016: I understand, but we voted to have them have this autonomy.

SoCos: We can vote today though to get more accountability.

2017: I can speak to the color situation. SASA was contacted. They wanted one color and asked us to pick a color off of a list. As a traditions perspective, I’m not as happy about this. I second Josh’s idea. I think if people are not generally appreciative of it…

Pres: Is 2016 collabing?

2016: We did this to take pressure off senior class council.

Lathrop: Shirts situation?

2016: Seniors get a senior t-shirt. We are using our budgets. But we haven’t heard anything abut house shirts for decorating.

Lathrop: My HSA said we don’t have shirts.

Jesse (at-large): How can choosing a specific color be cultural appropriation?

2017: I don’t think I’m qualified to explain cultural appropriation. They approached SASA.

Cushing: I want to second Josh and Apoorva. We need to call Traditions into here and get some.

Noyes: I second the collaboration. They need to come in here.

Student Life: This is to speak to Lathrop’s question about the shirts. I think Jewett bought the shirts last year.

Ferry: By buying the shirts, did you mean the house bought them?

Lathrop: Yeah.

Pres: I’m gonna get in touch with Traditions to talk more about this.

SoCos: Thanks Anish and Ramy. I just want more info. If this doesn’t work out, then it’s our fault.

2016: I think it’s hard to say it would be the VSA’s fault. We let orgs choose what to do with events. I think Adit should’ve reached out to the senior class. I know it’s a tradition, but it has changed every year. Change isn’t necessarily bad.

SoCos: But Traditions Committee isn’t really an org. We talked about this last year. It all leads back to the VSA.

THs: We need to talk about behavior in the THs.

Pres: I think an email about TH decorum is appropriate for all people to receive.

Joss: Are listservs coming?

Activities: I’m gonna do that.

Jewett: You can get your house advisor to do it earlier.

7:30//Guiding Principles

Ops: Every year at the beginning we pass guiding principles in the form of a resolution. [reads Guiding Principles]

At Large: Out of curiosity, will this be published for the public?

Pres: Yes, it’s all going on the website, but I’ll email everyone.

Lathrop: How do we vote on this?

Pres: We will explain it.

Ferry: Can we vote if we just do feminism?

THs: I think intersectionality is something we should be advocating for here. I don’t think it takes anything away.

Main: Does this also mean members at large?

Pres: I think we are just talking about our team here.

Ops: Let’s vote on this.

Pres: We are voting to adopt this.

No abstentions. Unanimous in favor.

Pres: We have guiding principles.

7:36//Open Discussion

Pres: Anything else?

Finance: please tell all of your treasurers to get the pcard applications to me.

Academics: Thanks to Ramy for a wonderful training.

Meeting adjourns.