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    VSA Council 10.25.15 

    7:00//Call to Order and Attendance

    Absent: Cushing, Davison,  THs, Activities

    7:05//Consensus agenda

      1. Speakers to GAAP
      2. Capital to VCTV
      3. Social Consciousness to ViCE Film
      4. Collaboration to ViCE Film
      5. Speakers to ViCE Film
      6. Pre-Org to Traditional Korean Folk Music
      7. Discretionary to Strong
      8. Speakers to ASA
      9. Collaboration to Traditions Committee
      10. Discretionary to Night Owls
      11. Capital to Merely Players
      12. Social Consciousness to Poder [email protected]
      13. Collaboration to Cushing
      14. Speakers to Josselyn

    Finance: Most of these we don’t need to talk about. Most of them have been tabled.

    Pres: We are moving the speakers to ViCE off of the agenda. Now we will talk about the new Traditions Committee fund app.

    Finance: There have been conversations about this. Basically, we want to have more conversations between houses. Have house presidents met about this and talked?  Let’s vote for a closed session.

    ~closed session~

    Finance: We decided on an allocation of $1450. Now for the speaker app for Joss. Joss wants to bring a speaker to do a talk about positivity. How do we feel about this event and what will Joss do.

    Shahid: I can answer any questions.

    Cushing: For context, who is this speaker?

    Shahid: We are bringing Lil B here. He’s a rapper from the Bay Area. There are some great videos on YouTube online of him speaking. We think it would be an amazing event and add to dialogues on campus. He has so much to say, as a young man of color, I feel like it would be beneficial. As for ridiculing the artist, do you have contexts?

    At-large: I’m a member of Finance, I was not happy about this. I think it is a misuse of $14000 dollars. All of the questions at the end were about his twitter feuds. I think the message should be worth the funds.

    Shahid: I think it would be unfair to limit the speakers coming to Vassar because of questions asked at a different school. I’ve spoken with his manager and we know how to frame this conversation. We will have the purview to let the more important questions to be heard.

    At-large: Is this worth $14,000 dollars, though? He’s a notorious rapper, known for starting feuds. If we are talking about controlling the way this lecture will be digested, there is only so much we can do. He’s not somebody who caters his talks to any one specific thing. I don’t know if it is worth this amount of money. He’s not the first person we would think of.

    Student Life: I’m on the same line. Do we know what he is going to be talking about and who the targeted audience is? I hesitate to grant this much money if the event isn’t as planned as I would hope it to be. I would like to have a more itemized list of what is happening here.

    Shahid: I think that Joss’s point is not necessarily entirely routed in an activist dialogue. It would be intensely engaging and interesting. He does not script his speeches; he speaks from the heart. It has been an intensely positive experience. I do apologize for the number we are bringing to the VSA. We have a lot of collaborators. We are also expecting a pretty large audience. We have a lot of views for publicity.

    StuLife: I see a lot of opportunity for it to devolve into something…where we are laughing at this artist of color.

    2017: I don’t know very much about him and his politics. One of his strongest talking points online. I don’t know if I necessarily like that as a political ideology.

    Strong: I have a similar sentiment. There’s an interesting dichotomy between his songs and what he speaks about.

    THs: Did you go to the contract stage without any funding? And he’s not performing. It’s a large number to bring a performer to campus to not perform.

    Jewett: Same as Strong.

    Cush: What impact would this have on the speakers fund?

    Finance: We haven’t used a lot of speakers fund. Allocating this amount would put us a 1/4 into the fund. It wouldn’t take us off of the trajectory that we are on.

    Town Students: What else can you use this amount of money for? What else has this gotten us?

    2019: I wanted to know more about the content of the positivity message. I did rudimentary research. I did see merit in his speeches.

    Shahid: I’m not that into listening to Lil B as an artist. He considers himself an environmentalist, fights for animal rights and human rights. It’s worth noting that he is not an academic or a scholar. He won’t give us a list of talking points. We want to bring a different event.

    SoCos: It depends on a number of factors, to answer TS question. Some speakers could have ten thousand for an honorarium, others could have none. VSA is a fund for last resort. The amount you ask for is after you fund raise. What is significant here is also why they declined to help you?

    Shahid: This number reflects an incredible amount of hard work. The figure was also really high. We had a lot of emails and discussions about trying to get the number down. ViCE does have a huge budget, as does Hip-Hop 101. We talked extensively with them and they just didn’t get back to us and didn’t give us good meeting times. Their budgets were already tapped out though.

    SoCos: There’s complexity here too. They do preplan for their events throughout the year. We don’t know what their motives were.

    Shahid: They had indicated a giant interest last year for this event. They told us that they could do it at the 30,000 budget.

    2018: Why specifically have you chosen Lil B to express this positivity?

    Shahid: I think the reason is that this is such a draw and he’s different than other people we bring to campus.

    Emma: In his lecture at MIT, he stated some problematic things. I don’t know if that is okay.

    Ferry: I appreciate the work you’ve done to bring a non-academic speaker here. What work has he done on some of these issues though?

    Shahid: He’s not an activist in any way. I don’t think he has the academic qualifications to speak on anything.

    Joss: I wanted to respond to the level of funding. I think what we are trying to do with this speaker is trying to challenge what is worthy of that much money. I think that’s the kind of engagement we want to bring. That money could serve other things, but I feel that it shows us trying to uphold non-academic voices.

    Lily: I want to bring the point of what you said earlier about the purpose of this is about positivity. Your fund app shows a range of things he could talk about. I’m confused about how much work you did on the content of the lecture. I want to draw your attention to bring local activists to campus. I also want to talk about all of the orgs that bring people who are cheaper but also see very unattended lectures.

    Kayla: We keep talking about this concern of moving out of academia. I put together a list of people who you could bring to campus, Kimberly Crenshaw….

    Shahid: That’s a fantastic point. I think that is exactly the point we are trying to illuminate. And those events were all underattended.

    Lily: I think the people that will attend this event will be there for the wrong reasons.

    StuLife: The impression I’m getting is that a lot of the reasons you want to bring him is for he bigness of the event. I wonder how much of that weighed into your opinion to bring him.

    Shahid: I think the bigness of the event absolutely weighed into our event.

    Ops: I feel like now would be a good time to move into a voting discussion space.

    Max: Thank you for your work. It will help the VSA put on good alternative programming that will draw crowds. I think there is a lot to say about the way your team has set this up.

    2019: I just wanted to talk about reception real quick. I wonder about the reception some of his views could have.

    Shahid: It’s difficult to talk about this because we don’t have a contract with him yet.

    Finance: Let’s move into a vote on this. These issues did not come up in our initial conversation. I think this body is more equipped to make this decision now. Should we consent to the fund app as is or resubmit the fund app?

    Pres: You’re moving to table? And a closed session? We can’t vote in a closed session.

    Finance: Nevermind, let’s just bring them back in.

    Pres: The motion is to table?

    Noyes: What exactly are we voting for?

    Pres: The options are zero or the allocation.

    Finance: Wait…

    Pres: Give me a moment.

    Finance: If we vote to table it, it goes to Finance as a new application. Then we either vote for a full allocation or no allocation.

    Ops: If we table it, then it goes to Finance.

    Pres: The motion is to table to fund app. Speak in favor?

    Lily: I feel like there is room for Joss to go back and make this a better event. I also don’t want it to go to council because it privatizes the power to council.

    SoCos: I think we should just do the vote here. We’ve had a major discussion here. If we ask them to rethink this, then we want them to change the core of the event. There’s also more value to having more voices.

    Ops: Let’s vote. Don’t abstain because you are lazy.

    No: 2016, 2019, Ferry, Main, Noyes, Raymond, Strong, SoCos, TAs, THs,

    Pres: We are not tabling this so we will vote now.

    Ops: Now the motion is whether to allocate the full amount or not.

    No: 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, Cush, Ferry, Jewett, Lathrop, Raymond, Strong, SoCos, TA, TH, TS, Finance, Ops

    Zero fund allocation.

    8:06//Constituent Concerns

    THs: I want to address the emails sent by Anders. I’m going to read some of these emails….I wanted to give a lot of credit to people who sent the emails. Jud Board was also confused about how to find somebody responsible for this. It seems to have been resolved. There will not be security guards combing the area. There is no room for concern. If something does happen, then it needs to be addressed immediately because they made us a promise and they would be breaking it.

    Raymond: We are wondering if we can get bins or something for those who choose to smoke off of campus.

    TAs: CCL was flustering. The two women who headed the initiative….Anders is a liaison but he didn’t get it. He doesn’t understand this policy and Luis Inoa didn’t know the email was sent out. The two women didn’t even know about these concerns. I don’t know where we come in here. They kind of think that everything is fine.

    Raymond: I’m very confused that this is coming from Anders. He was the one who told us something different earlier.

    StuLife: I think it does show a lack of respect. I do want to give some credit to the co-chairs of the smoking initiative. They just don’t know what would happen once the ban is initiated.

    Ferry: Cigarette butts are highly toxic and terrible for the environment. The school should have receptacles. It’s a hard habit to kick. There should be places where they can go off campus if they choose to smoke.

    SoCos: I have strong feelings about the VSA putting money here. When this was initially voted on our Freshman year, every class rep said no. I think we need to dig into this a little more. I also have problems with non-tobacco products being banned. This has been planned for years. There needs to be a public commitment.

    Main: Seeing as this is the last meeting before Halloween. It does not have to be an ugly event. People live in Main.

    Pres: It’s going to go in my all-campus email about being nice to the building.

    2018: Can house presidents also put it into their emails.

    Joss: We were contacted by Health Ed and they asked us to have more information about consent, drinking, etc. Anders said it violated the reslife poster hanging protocol. I think this supercedes that protocol.

    Davi: Luis is going to take care of it.

    Finance: Having active members there to encourage people to respect the space.

    2019: What’s the typical damage?

    Main: Two years ago was a shitshow. There were toilets smashed, windows destroyed. There was no campaign for peace in Main. Last year there was a campaign and there was no damage. We are getting security guards to do extra rounds as well.

    Ferry: Try not to be offensive as well.

    Pres: Campus life is going to send an email about not being racist and offensive.

    TS: Don’t bring this off campus. Don’t go to College Ave. Just don’t.

    Cushing: Heating. It’s cold.

    2016: My house is so hot.

    2017: Can we have the house advisors send out emails about the heating control rooms.


    Academics: Peer advising dinner is scheduled. Tuesday, Nov. 10. It requires you to have your name is a system for people to email. You also get a fun and free meal in the Aula. Speaking of prereg, the official launch of the syllabus archive is going out soon. Town Students is helping me with the screening thing. Be mindful of your knocking.

    Lathrop: What’s going to be served?

    Academics: We are continuing those discussions at meeting.

    2017: I want to talk about grading. Econ sucks.

    Student Life: CCL met. Finalized a list of topics for this year. I’m going to join more committees. Tell me which ones you want. I’ve met with Arlene Sabo. Let me know what you want us to talk about. Ramy has spoken about the gender neutral bathrooms initiative is in jeopardy.

    Pres: At the end of last year, the next big phase we were going into was athletics. Some of the existing gender neutral bathrooms are being called into question by certain staff, including Sanders Physics, Skinner and the College Center. We are going to write a letter to reaffirm our beliefs about it.

    Cushing: If you don’t sit on the committee, do students sit on them?

    StuLife: yes, but I don’t know for sure who.

    Cushing: What if we did nominations?

    Abby: BOEA will appoint people. Chris, do you wanna come?

    StuLife: yeah, let me know.

    Raymond: There are mice in the deece.

    Lathrop: Food contracts update?

    Pres: I can say stuff. Ops has officially asked for everyone to do updates.

    Activities: We are working on closet space for orgs. We are also planning the spring leadership training.

    Finance: My thesis is done. Another session of treasurer training.

    Ops: I was in a lot of trustee meetings. I missed restructuring, but stuff happened. We are moving forward with a survey about tasty Tuesday. We are working on the Saturday Shuttle.

    Pres: I can’t say anything about the meetings. We will have a forum about dining though. We made a city committee for the once a month shuttle to the city. Foodtruck Friday will meet this week. Six orgs did not get bystander trained and they are going to be defunded until they are trained.

    Davi: You need to talk to your house advisor to get the fliers up for Halloween.

    Pres: Restructuring went well yesterday. We talked about StuLife and Academics. We haven’t finalized this Saturday’s meeting yet.

    8:46//Letter Regarding Off-Campus Transportation

    StuLife: We wrote this letter over the past few weeks. This is out of a concern that there is not enough transportation for students seeking off-campus counseling and go to off-campus pharmacies for medication. Public transportation is unreliable. This is a necessity for students on campus.

    Ops: The letter came to Ops and we had quite a bit of feedback.

    Pres: Counseling maintains a list of off-campus options. It can be helpful to see how far away Vassar insurance is taken.

    Cush: Are we just tabling this?

    Joss: This hasn’t been sent out? Would it be appropriate to send this to our constituents.

    Stulife: summaries are good and then maybe tell them to come to student life.

    8:50//Open Discussion

    2018: Sophomore class council is thinking of doing a class project, like an art project.

    Cushing: Refugee panels are happening this week. Please tell everyone about it.

    Pres: Shout-out to Davi for your event. Chris and I have been meeting with Ed Pittman. This coming Friday we will have a pre-council dinner that will be a conversation around Israel-Palestine.

    Abby: That’s Shabbot.

    StuLife: We heard through the grapevine about something that could come up to council soon. We want to have something as soon as possible. If and when a BDS resolution come to council, we want to be as educated as possible. This was the time chosen by Ed Pittman because it was the only time free. We are still trying to figure this out. We are trying to put this together very last minute.

    Ferry: Is this discussion going to involve anti-Semitism?

    StuLife: We will find a different time.

    SoCos: Go to the conversation dinner on Thursday to see how this is structured. It’s about class, but it can be helpful for planning.

    2018: I went to one last year and it was very safe.

    Main: Haunted house on Friday. 8 p.m. in Rocky.

    Cushing: We are also having an alternative to Halloween party in our parlor.

    TS: how scary is it going to be?

    Main: Really scary.

    Matt: This meeting on Friday is not happening?

    StuLife: Yes, it will be rescheduled.

    Pres: A BDS resolution will be coming up soon, we just don’t know when. It will not sneak up on us because it goes through Ops first.

    StuLife: It is also so that we as a VSA can still function.

    Raymond: We are having a session on this in Raymond.

    2017: Will there be bagels?

    Ops: Yes.

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    VSA Council 10.18.2015 

    7:02//Call to Order and Attendance

    Absent: 2016 (proxy), Lathrop (proxy), Main, THs, Town Students, Activities

    7:03//Consensus agenda

    a. Fund Apps

    b. Minutes from 10/4/15

    Finance: Capital items from LiNK, discretionary to Jewett, full allocation for VMSU.

    7:04//unFramed Fund App

    Matthew McCardwell: We are bringing Kay Ulanday Barrett, a trans poet. We need some extra money for our event this coming weekend.

    SoCos: Can you explain the discrepancy in amount being asked?

    McCardwell: We have gotten some extra money from over break. We also cut down some costs along the way so we are asking for less money than the initial fund app. The new amount being requested we need $3040 in total now from the VSA.

    Finance: We are treating this like a new fund app now, to clarify. They really need the funding for this event now. This is difficult because QCVC tried to bring this same speaker earlier this year and they had to cancel it when they found out about this event and they had to pay cancellation fees, which means they can’t contribute more than about $50. I recommend a full allocation. None of this is really their fault.

    SoCos: Is this a closed session?

    Finance: Let’s enter a closed session for 15 minutes.

    ~closed session~

    Finance: Okay, thanks for coming. We will give the full allocation.


    Operations: I have to change my reports. We are ahead of schedule for restructuring. We need people to engage in these conversations. We will be discussing student life and academics. We are going to go forward to buy shuttles for the Saturday shuttles. Ben Lotto wants us to put together the money for this. We have to rethink who attends Tasty Tuesday. They are on semester contracts. I’ve had people approach me about attending Tasty Tuesday.

    SoCos: Curious about the shuttle thing. Can we look at multiple options and scenarios?

    Ops: We will talk about that in Ops.

    Ferry: Can we talk about the space that it is in? Maybe the bottom part of UpC?

    Ops: We can think about that, but having it in Main is better.

    Pres: Say no to Subway. This is local business.

    TAs: If we make this a student employment position, let’s make sure they actually get paid.

    Raymond: Where is the money coming from?

    Ops: Student Employment says we need to make a report about who pays for this.

    SoCos: There are a lot of other things to think about for this payment stuff.

    President: Bystander Intervention training is still ongoing. You need to do it. Seven Sisters Conference is approaching. I’ve been working on a project about NYC transportation. Board of Trustees will be here this weekend. We will talk about campus climate. Judy Jarvis sent me stuff about the privilege campaign.

    SoCos: Bring up joint committee stuff to BoT?

    Pres: Logan and I are on one that they forgot to include us in.

    TAs: As a member of CCL, it’s the worst. Roellke’s exec assistant sends us a time and it is not set up properly. They need to get their shit together.

    Pres: Exec is also meeting with Cappy tomorrow. We will bring it up to her.

    Ferry: We talked about how people who are in charge of joint committees need to actually show up to their meetings.

    Ops: We should talk about this soon.

    Ferry: Let’s do Class D legislation. If we vote on this, they have to look at it and respond to it.

    Pres: Bryn Mawr also does it. They need a third of the student body to attend and anything they pass becomes binding.

    7:34//Constituent Concerns

    Ops: A concern was brought up via facebook.

    Jon: You are expected to write a thank you letter if you receive a named scholarship. Also, you need to write a thank you letter or give the money back if you receive money from the Internship Grant Fund.

    SoCos: These are all different offices. Usually the development office asks for the thank you note.

    Abby: How do they intend to enforce that?

    Pres: Probably just charge your account. Also, last night I sent a slightly aggressive email to Cappy about the fireworks.

    Cushing: A $5 fee for the fall concert? I don’t think that’s fair. We have money.

    2016: I used to be ViCE director. We always ticket at least one show.

    Cushing: If that’s a fundraiser, then it should be different.

    Raymond: I went to a Grace Hopper conference. I want to know if VSA could sponsor a screening of this film we talked about about coding.

    TAs: I would suggest maybe approaching some departments as well. I think it’s a great idea.

    SoCos: The science bridge is going up. Maybe asking Cappy?

    Ferry: There are discussions about how to get more women in the sciences. How do we encourage women to become more involved in the hard sciences.

    Ops: Josh and I both sit on the Committee on Financial Aid. We can bring that up. I also wanted to say we should table this to a committee to put together the event.

    2017: Get in touch with major’s committees.

    Raymond: We talked about how computer science should be introduced in high school.

    7:49//Open Discussion

    Cushing: For those who were not there for the panel the Thursday before break, we had a panel about the refugee crisis. It’s the biggest crisis since WWII and the greatest crisis of our generation. What can we as an institution do for this? We have precedence, we did stuff in the 30s and 40s. Professor Hoehn and I met to talk about starting a student org group. We talked about a few options. We will be having panels for the dorms in the next few weeks in order to spread awareness and create a core group. She also said she would give an independent study course for those who want to be more involved. Cappy is on board, but wants to hear more from students.

    Raymond: Maybe set up a scholarship for students to volunteer during spring break.

    2017: How specific is the core group going to be?

    Cushing: I think it is focused on the Middle East, African, European area. I don’t think it has to be limited.

    Ferry: A lot of other colleges have alternate spring break….to help out at these NGOs.

    Abby: I would think that going forward, it would be great to think about what they need the most. Maybe reaching out and finding out the best way we can help.

    Cushing: One suggestion was having online classes and having joint classes with refugees.

    Raymond: Something the Vassar Christian Fellowship is doing is collecting clothes to donate.

    Student Life: Updates for last week’s stuff. we talked about the whiteness workshops. We met with them as an Exec Board. We decided not to fund them because of uneasiness. We felt there was a lack of acknowledgement and care for people of color. We are now going to start working on creating affinity spaces for people of color. We just feel this is not something the administration seems to address.

    2018: Last week there were concerns about how it is sponsored by the ALANA center. Did you talk to B?

    StuLife: I didn’t, but I can. B will be running at least one session.

    Ops: I want to encourage everyone about POC spaces. Let’s support the places that exist already.

    2018: How do you feel about this now?

    StuLife: They already said they were going to do the workshops, with or without our funding. I pretty much have the same opinion as last time.

    Ops: My opinion hasn’t changed. I support the workshops, but the way in which this has been brought about is questionable.

    Pres: I think teaching white people to not be racist is a great thing. It’s not great that the college is paying for the privileged group to be taught, instead of taking a two-pronged approach.

    TAs: When is this and was anyone invited?

    StuLife: They sent out an email. About 15 people signed up right now?

    Raymond: The nine houses probably got it.

    Abby: We need to train the freshman class council.

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    VSA Council 10.4.15 

    7:04//Call to Order and Attendance

    Everyone is here!

    7:05//Consensus Agenda

      1. Fund Allocations 
      2. Appointment of Steven Huynh to 2017 BOEA Rep
      3. Appointment of Seamus Taylor to 2017 BOEA Rep
      4. Appointment of Abby Johnson to BOEA Chair
      5. Approval of New Pre-Orgs:
        1. Pre-Vet Club
        2. Vassar College Majors
        3. Vassar Toastmasters
        4. Jewish Voice for Peace
        5. The Clove
      6. Certification of J Street U
      7. Minutes from 9/27/15

    7:08//Forum with Safety and Security

    Arlene Sabo: I have thirty years in law enforcement. When this job came up, I thought they wrote this job for me. I started August 17. I hit the ground running. There’ve been a lot of things to address. Six burglaries. Few trespasses. I know about the laws for campus security. Burglary alerts have to go out by law. The trespasses don’t have to go out, but I think they should. The other problem I’m dealing with is the faculty residents on College Ave. They are very upset about the noise from the apartments occupied by Vassar students. One of those buildings has already been ticketed by town police. What we talked about in the meetings is that I don’t want to respond after the fact. It always happens. I want to do some prevention stuff. What that entails is working with some student leaders. The officers responding to legitimate complaints. There was the trespass last night by some non-students. The officers are being accosted for responding and investigating. I don’t know how to stop the burglaries and keep the noise down if the officers don’t respond to the complaints. The officers were screamed at by intoxicated college students. They were just doing their job. How do we come to a consensus for what is appropriate for responses?

    Ops: Before we get into the forum, let’s talk guidelines. We have four discussion topics.

    Jesse: Why do we have more burglaries this year?

    Sabo: I don’t know about the causes. It’s hard to say for sure.

    At-large: Regarding the alerts after the burglaries, is there a specific amount of time that you wait before you send out an emailed alert, or do you try to get those out as soon as possible?

    Sabo: First you have to confirm the facts. That takes a while. Then they have to get in touch with me. We try to get them out as soon as possible. Once I went through a couple with the administration, but the last few I just sent out on my own. That’s another policy that we are writing. Later on in the year we can come report back to you. I’d like to have a student government rep, do we have that?

    StuLife: That’s me.

    THs: We’ve had a lot of issues. One of the things I’ve advocated for is changing the culture in our housing. There have been a lot of concerns and worries about next steps. We are concerned about increased police presence on campus. We have dorm patrols, but nothing for senior housing. We should do a neighborhood watch. I have a lot of support for that right now. We need a system to organize that though.

    Sabo: We had residents doing a neighborhood watch in an area mixed with college students and residents. One night it was an off-duty police officer and he was assaulted. We have to think about the liabilities of this.

    SoCos: We have a student EMS team. They are immediate first-responders. Read up on the White Angels.

    THs: That’s why I want a trained system.

    Sabo: I like these ideas. I heard what you said.

    Cushing: I had a question about follow-up alerts. Is there an end-of-the-semester followup? Do we find out if people are caught?

    Sabo: We have a crime log. It goes to the student newspaper. It’s public information.

    Strong: I think the lack of surveillance is concerning. It’s an open campus. We don’t have a way to track who comes into buildings. At least in the lobby.

    Sabo: Let’s fix this.

    SoCo: How will you approach implementation? What are your thoughts about access to dorms? What are your feelings about the card access and the system?

    Sabo: I’m not sure about the first question. We are still doing meetings right now with ResLife. Any surveillance is impossible to always monitor. There’s never an eye always watching them, with all of the cameras. Once you get a report, then you pull up the nearest camera. More often it is used as an investigative tool after the fact. I guess you have to decide. My thought is at like 11 or midnight latest, it should change to residents only.

    Noyes: Privacy is a huge issue.

    Sabo: We will do our best to hear all voices and see what the majority wants. Sometimes we do take quicker action, though.

    Cushing: When you talk to people, please talk to the students. We can organize forums for you. You can help them before things get out of hand. You can have them only outside of dorms. I think 24/7 card access.

    2018: Safety is our number one concern.

    Ferry: Some concerns. I think there should be written rules in place about the tapes.A lot of weird stuff happens here. We should have set rules about how and when these videos are released and available.

    Main: Privacy checks. You can email one of two people who have access to these tapes. They can send snippets of clips.

    Ferry: I’m confused about safety and security. Do they go off campus? What’s the response protocol? Do you always say yes?

    THs: Girls generally get picked up immediately. Guys are questioned.

    Sabo: We need to think about how we are deploying the resources and how we can be effective.

    Joss: We’ve talked about how security is spread thin. They just can’t be everywhere.

    Sabo: There’s a lot of stuff going on with staffing. It’s complex. I can’t make changes immediately. I want them to be thoughtful and meaningful.

    SoCos: Thanks for coming in, by the way. You come from a university police department and Vassar is not that. I don’t think we should have that here. Some students aren’t comfortable with a high police presence.

    THs: We are really underlit. We can take a night walk.


    Activities: Still reviewing pre-orgs. After break we are reviewing more preorgs to level up. We are gonna clean out closet space. 

    Joss: We have resistance with orgs.

    THs: We need to have set rules for each subdivision saying you have a vote once you’ve attended a certain amount of meetings.

    Pres: Base rule is that you have to attend three meetings.

    Cushing: Follow up on dinner recommendations.

    Ops: We are on track to have a macro-structure. Also, come to these meetings.

    Finance: After Oct Break there will be more treasurer trainings. We will start special projects. Fund levels are still low. 

    8:20//Seven Sisters Conference Update

    Pres: Who wants to go to the Seven Sisters Conference?

    8:22//Constituent Concerns

    Raymond: I want to formally complain about the heat.

    TS: Somebody told me it goes on after Oct. Break.

    Ferry: People are sick. They need warmth.

    Ops: Old campus.

    Noyes: People have been harassing or bothering the people who live on the first floor of Noyes. Please stop.

    8:24//Living Conditions in the Dorms

    Cushing: Update. Things have been done. We will have a B&G forum on Friday. Say good morning to everyone!

    8:28//Open Discussion

    Ferry: Worker appreciation day.

    Jon: They do exist.

    Ferry: Let’s just do like one day though.

    THs: It’s beyond saying thank you.

    StuLife: I’ve been in talks with Sam Speers about putting together a vigil for the lives lost at the Oregon school. Is this something the VSA would want to co-sponsor? It would be on Thursday, early evening. He hasn’t gotten me details yet.

    Pres: Let’s vote? Yes, no, abstain.

    Finance: There’s a workshop for a white affinity space in the ALANA center. Can we do something to talk about this? It’s excluding people of color?

    StuLife: I was approached about this a while ago. I should’ve brought it up. They did this last year in a three-part series. They went well last year. Very intensive. I have heavy reservations about it.

    Finance: It’s in Rocky, actually. But my concern is with a white-affinity space.

    StuLife: Again, apologies. Diane approached me about this. Last year, the VSA helped fund this last year. I’ll bring this to the table. What do we think about this? What should be relay to them? They will go on.

    Pres: We funded it last year instead of the ALANA center.

    StuLife: It’s a seven part series and you have to go to all of them if you sign up. It is labeled as a white-affinity space in that it is tailored toward teaching white people about their privilege and power.

    Jesse: I get the point of it, but I don’t like that it excludes people of color. How can we address this situation?

    StuLife: To respond to Jesse, thank you. I’ll bring that to Diane. I don’t have an answer because I’m not running it. To Anish, I hear you and it is frustrating. People of color have to talk about race every day of our lives. This is a direct way of putting it in the face of white people.

    2019: I agree with everyone. My question is if it is really helpful at all? How beneficial is it if you’re choosing to sign up? It’s only white people.

    Pres: We talked about more identity programming for first-year students. We also need spaces where people can start talking about it.

    SoCos: ResLife task force. We chartered with ResLife about how we want to see it structured. Only three people showed up on Friday. Come on down. We want to improve ResLife structure.

    Jesse: On Wednesday I was warned about the weather. Vassar is not good about warning students about the weather.

    Ferry: I worked with FEMA for two years.

    Cushing: We have an event in November. Sex positivity.

    Pres: Food Truck Friday will come next semester maybe?

    SoCo: I like this space.

    Derek: I had troubles getting into this building.

    Jesse: Also had troubles getting in.

    Jon: Several outlets don’t work here.

    Derek: Communication about where meetings are being held?

    Emily Platt: Are people sending out emails? Also, facebook?

    Derek: Yes.


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