VSA Meeting 11/22

7:07// Consensus Agenda

Finance: VSU is doing an event with Marist. Noyes is doing their event. There was a fund app for shuttle service that got through. Operating costs for Crafts Not Bombs. Conferences to Democracy Matters and VXF.

Abby: Sherry is appointed for Junior Rep for Raymond for the Spring. They are really excited.

Consensus Agenda passes!


7:09// Reports

Activities: SJP tried to push through a lot of programming at the end of this semester so we wanted to limit their programming to give a chance for other orgs to program. We might reverse that decision considering they are going to be collaborating with other orgs soon.  Also Pre-org reviews.

Finance: Those numbers for fund levels sound low but we are actually right on track. We are continuing to compile notes as they come up. We got a lot of new responses for the application for the Finance committee. I selected my top people, Nina selected her top people and we will be meeting this week. The band system and DJ system proposals have been approved. Hopefully we will have a functioning band and DJ system in the spring.

SoCos: We are hoping to compile a document to agree on.

President: We officially have our first shuttle to NYC scheduled. It will be on February 6 leaving Vassar at 9pm and returning to the city at 8pm. I’m leaving for the week on Tuesday but Chris will be taking over Tuesday. Final Update: if you were on campus last semester you noticed the campus masterplanning committee. The report from that is now online. They are going to have online forums and feedback jars across campus for next semester. The masterplanning committee is the 10+ year plan for the campus.

SoCos: Considering the scope of some of those ideas in that plan, are we planning to meet and talk about those things?

Ops: Yes.

Student Life: CIE Diversity statement subcommittee met Friday. We are looking for student input on some statement. Last year put together something but administrators weren’t happy with it. This year we are rethinking the diversity statement. When it is done I will communicating with you all. I am the only student on this subcommittee. Props to Rebecca for trying to get free tampons on campus. That is what we are working on. Hopefully we will have some answers soon.

President: Any questions for student life?

Ops: Thank you for Restructuring. We are moving forward with the Tasty Tuesday survey. Some of the prominent sentiments of the survey were more Asian cuisines, more VCash, healthier options and Kismat. Kismat isn’t allowed back ever.

Academics: We agreed to do a screening of a film about women in computer science and technology industries. That will happen in February.

Finance: Finance committee is not meeting next week because of Thanksgiving.

7:17// Constituent Concerns

7:17// Water Bottle Resolutions

SoCos: I remember us in Operations Committee talking about some Housekeeping issues with the Report. I am noticing that in past years it is difficult for us to do research when we don’t do grammar things. We might need to change some formatting things if it passes.

2016: Does the $700 charge include the labor costs to set up the tanks.

Noyes: Yes. I move to adopt this resolution.

Vote: 22 in favor, 0 opposed.

7:26// Barnard Statement

Pres: Barnard is having a winter housing crisis. They are closing all the dorms over winter break unless students are tour guides or athletes.

Finance: Why was this policy enacted?

Pres: They said it would be expensive to keep a guard at the front. 20 Barnard students said they would literally be homeless because of this.

TAs: Are we helping them in other ways?

Pres: We re letting them take the lead. Potentially yes. I move to endorse this statement.

Support of this statement passes

7:29// Open Discussion

Cushing: Shout out to everyone for restructuring.

Student Life: Shout out to Jewett House for Dormal Formal.

7:35// Meeting Adjourned!