VSA Council 11.29.15

7:05//Call to Order and Attendance

Absent: THs, Town Students, Activities

7:06//Consensus agenda


President: We have tickets for the shuttle to NYC. On the Wednesday and Thursday after classes.

Operations: Still working on Tasty Tuesday. Saturday Shuttle is still under works.

StuLife: Nothing.

Academics: My life is going great. This week we are going to be talking about….I lost it.

Finance: We didn’t meet last week. Meeting on Wednesday.

SoCos: Can we get a roster for Finance Committee?

7:09//Constituent Concerns

SoCos: Sunday at 9:30 p.m. there was a power outage on campus. This was our second power outage. My housing area lost power for 14 hours, including no heat. I was emailing some senior administrators about it, looking for updates. We didn’t have heat and they told us to wear more layers. There might be a review later on. We don’t have a generator in the SoCos.

Ferry: I think this speaks to a larger issue on campus. We do not have a system in place in the event of an emergency.

Lathrop: I met with my house advisor. There was nothing my house team could do. Part of winter training will be power outage training.

Raymond: Several of our lights are still out. Is that happening in other houses? A student fellow also told me that the emergency lighting went out within 40 minutes.

Pres: Shout out to Josh for getting us food swipes since our food went bad during the outage.

SoCos: It seems like there are structural issues about this. The emergency lights in the SoCos also slowly started going out. They haven’t been replaced since the SoCos were built. We are just not kept in the loop. I sent four emails asking for information. There was no attempt or effort on their end to have a conversation about this. This is an easy thing to solve.

Ferry: I researched a lot about disaster preparedness. I can email you guys the reports if anybody is interested.

J (at large): Only students living in the effected areas were notified. Were faculty?

Pres: Yes.

7:18//Open Discussion

Pres: Next week is our last meeting of the semester. It will be a longish meeting. We will have a forum. We will hopefully do a soft endorsement of the new structure.

Lathrop: Are we going to bring Art Rodriguez?

SoCos: If you have specific CAFA things, reach out to your rep.

2017: About restructuring, can we make a simple report on the fundamental changes? I don’t think people know the current structure very well.

Ops: We are working on that this week.

SoCos: Short-term, I’m trying to brainstorm a flowchart right now.

2018: Is that campaign just for information? Or to join the discussion?

Ops: Both.

Jewett: I had a message on behalf of VCLU. Saturday at 6 in Rocky 308.