VSA Council 4.3.16 

Call to order // 7:05

ViCE Fund App Appeal // 7:10

ViCE: Most of the money that we requested was for food for this event, so that people would be more likely to come and enjoy themselves. We had originally been rejected for this event under the argument that ViCE was not one of the orgs on campus that actively oppose some form of oppression. Initially, what happened was that in Finance Committee they’d be willing to partially fund us as long as we would move the event so that it wouldn’t conflict with Holi. Now that that event’s dates have been changed, we should be able to have this event.

Finance: Historically, ViCE and Finance Committee have been at odds. When the decision was made, we were under the impression that the ViCE could draw from their discretionary budget for this. We chose $1,000, a generous figure.

ViCE: We had already dipped into the discretionary fund for this, so it would be iffy to go back into discretionary again. Discretionary is more for use in case of emergency.


Cushing: What was the reason to give the $1000 in the first place?

SoCos: The dates.

Apoorva: I think a lot of it was the decision about having had done the event in the past. Having some sort of night programming the following week. There was no big party on that Saturday night.

Cushing: Did the prove they had exhausted all of their budget?

ViCE: I can talk about the budget. The way it technically works is that we get allotted a large sum of money, and it is split up within the different ViCE groups. When ViCE was founded, each separate chair was responsible for a definite direction for programming. In reality, at the end of each year, they talk to all of the chairs and analyze how much we spend per chair to see what makes sense for that specific chair. There are also set events for ViCE collaboration. 50 Nights is a collaboration with ViCE Special Events. I can’t go to the other ViCE groups to ask for money. We can’t just transfer money unless it is a direct collaboration.

Ferry: I was at the event last year, I’m confused as to why there is food this year? Everyone is covered in paint.

ViCE: This year is different. The first portion is a picnic style thing. Then after the sun goes down, we will play music. We are trying to get people so show up to these events for longer.

Pres: How much is discretionary budgeted?

ViCE: I’m not sure. I don’t know what it looks like now.

At-Large: This is a collaborative event, as well. It’s with Lathrop.

Finance: My understanding is that Max was concerned about the lack of collaboration within ViCE. That’s why they created the discretionary fund for just ViCE. Can you speak to that?

ViCE: It very well could have been a means of collaboration. Tim would know better than me. He did each budget separately. Discretionary also came about because the whole Music fiasco. They had underspended by a lot.

Cushing: Holi is a religious holiday. The way I see this conversation happening is that ViCE is five different orgs with one discretionary fund. That’s confusing. They should be separated. They have a mixed pool of money.

ViCE: Completely understand the concerns. The reason why there isn’t a lot of collab between ViCE orgs is because it was designed for each chair to be doing something different from the other chairs.

~closed session~

Pres: A lot of different things were brought up, including ViCE funding. My motion is for $0 allocation, but somebody else will motion for more.

Lathrop: I would like to motion for $500 for food. That was the original plan. The funds are available for food. The t-shirts can be at cost.

Finance: Speaking for $0, because of the timing of the fund app, and the previous purchase of the items for the event. The chapel thing should have affected your funding.

Fail with 14 no, 3 year, 2 abstentions.

8:13//Exec Reports

Pres: We have our next NYC shuttle on April 23. Tickets are $5 this time because of sustainability. Dean of Students search committee is going on. We have 8 semi-finalists. Finalists will be here in the end of April. Elections are happening. Vote on Tuesday at noon.

Ops: I’ve retired. We aren’t meeting unless we need to.

StuLife: All I have to say is the tampon initiative is difficult. By god, I will do my very best to make this happen. Sophie has done a lot of budgeting. It’s a lot more expensive than we thought. We would have to cut the amount we want to get here significantly. I’ve emailed a lot of people to look for money. Haven’t heard from anyone yet. The amount of money we give to Choice is around $5000. The general vibe is that the most the VSA can give is closer to $5000 for this. We are gonna try to do this.

2018: I did a bunch of research. I think we should try a trial period moving forward.

StuLife: This will have to be branded for low-income students. We can get less. I don’t see how we can do it for less than $15000.

Ferry: What Rebecca was talking about would only include tampons. My numbers include tampons and pads. We might be able to fundraise with alumnae/i. I think we can do it.

Jewett: This might be a terrible idea, but how much surplus do we have for condoms?

Finance: My understanding is that…I don’t how Choice keeps track. My understanding is that they use their budget. They apply for funding regularly.

SoCos: Who else is interested in helping this?

Pres: Can we craft a survey for what people use here?

Activities: Last week I sent out a preorg evaluation form. I sent it to as many preorgs as I have emails for. Not left with great records. Preorgs need to fill out the form by Tuesday at 7.

Finance: Casey is holding us hostage.

Pres: As you all know, President Hill is departing. It’s a diverse project.

SoCos: Cappy made the College need blind. We should reaffirm.

Lathrop: Financial aid being at risk is a serious thing with Cappy’s departure. The students should be strong advocates.

8:34//Constituent Concerns

Cushing: Kerry is leaving? What’s happening?

Abby: Looks like there will be an interim search committee? We are super upset. Why are all of our admins on one year contracts? Why do they keep leaving?

Cushing: We need to allocate time to have these conversations.

2018: I’ve heard several constituents say they are going abroad in the Spring because of the housing issues. Look out for your fellow classmates in terms of ResLife.

Jewett: Do we have any updates on the missing student?

J: I believe the statement of inclusion was brought up. Prof. Molly McGlennen has talked about how we are situated on stolen native lands, but there is no mention of that. This is an oversight that should be added.

StuLife: We’ve read all of the pieces of feedback. There were a lot of comments about that and other issues. We did make edits in regards to the Diversity Statement. It will be presented to the Faculty this week and to us next Sunday.

8:46//Continuation about Moving Forward

StuLife: Clarification: where do we stand on the Referendums?

Pres: They have until midnight.

Joss: I would like to work on Orientation programming. I’ve spoken with some House Advisors and going to talk to Ed Pittman.

J: With that, I would extend a word of caution. There has been a lot of trans-allyship stuff and it’s always the same people.

Cushing: We were just talking to Kelly Grab. We can compensate people for doing training.

Pres: We are getting a new Dean of Students. There are a lot of opportunities to change orientation. I sent out a list of trainings that are happening in the next week or two.

2018: I was wondering if there are ways to use our student activities fee to better the college without programming?

Pres: My thought for that has always been that it should be decided by students. It’s not too late to do that.

J: That topic has been floated before by Butch Oxendine. It came to the idea that the Admin wouldn’t feel like they had to fund these things?

2018: We see so much of the same.

Lathrop: I think moving forward, we should try and think about more athletic representation on council. Student Athletes have their own community. It would be worthwhile to have their input.

Finance: I don’t think that the amount of money we could allocate would be enough to make differences.

9:00//Open Discussion

BOEA: we need people to table for stuff. The BDS resolution has enough to go to referendum. I’m not going to run the referendum, though. I will explain why. I would be hurting people in my community by running this referendum. Laura has kindly offered to run this referendum. Keep in contact with me about Spring Elections, but keep in contact with her about the referendum.

Strong: We are having a meet the candidates study break tomorrow.

Cush: Ours is also tomorrow.

Joss: You can come to ours after that.

2019: The freshman class with have a pop-up event. Bring your mug for hot chocolate!

2018: We are doing Sophomore Spectacular. It’s going to be really active. All-campus.

Lathrop: Serious rat infestation. It’s poorly handled.

Cushing: Last Monday there was an Admin organized event about free speech vs hate speech. I thought the talk back was very very very concerning. I asked a couple of questions and it wasn’t helpful. The onus is not on those who are silenced. We should have a conversation. Kelly Grab and the Director are the only people in this institution who are in charge of taking care of any discrimination. We don’t have an LGBTQ Director. I fundamentally think the institution’s priorities are off. I just don’t know what to do.

Pres: I’ve been trying to have a forum with Rachel. Also trying to get Art Rodriguez. I agree with you though. This is a major value in mind.

Cushing: BDS and everything happened, and we saw like 10 workshops by like a bunch of offices. Why do students have to cry and transfer out in order to have this happen.

StuLife: I work with Rachel. She has a unique perspective on things. I think it is important that we have a forum with her. There is a lack of understanding of concerns brought by students.

SoCos: Lot of money in the Capital fund. It’s for things lasting over three years.

Cushing: Plug! Refugee Solidarity is hoping to dedicate April 10 as Refugee week.