Q&A: British Band Easy Life Talk About Their First American Tour

The colorful performance of up-and-coming U.K. band Easy Life at this year’s Governors Ball Music Festival rivaled the confidence of the iconic musicians with whom they shared the stage. Though the group only formed in late 2017, they have been a staple of the festival circuit this summer, garnering acclaim for their strikingly unique sound that blends elements of hip-hop, jazz and indie pop. The Brewer’s Tables sat down with Cass (drums), Louis (guitar), Jordan (percussion), Sam (bassist) and Murray (vocals) of Easy Life after their set to discuss their time in America, their prolific output throughout 2019, and more.

Abby from The Brewer’s Table: This is your first time playing at Governors Ball. What has this experience been like?

Cass: It’s been really fun for us, to be honest.

Murray: We are all so stoked to be here. It’s legendary.

Lewis: Every American festival we have played so far has been so exciting for us. It’s been our first time in all these new places. So, we’re living life.

Abby: This is your fourth American festival this summer, correct?

Cass: Fifth, actually: South by Southwest, Coachella, Hangout, Boston Calling, and now Gov Ball.

Abby: How has your time at Gov Ball compared to the other festivals?

Murray: I think that Gov Ball has one of the best lineups, for sure.

Sam: Every place in America feels like a different country, so playing Gov Ball felt like we were in an entirely new place.

Abby: Had you been to New York before?

Murray: We played a show here in March; that was our first time. We were only here for a couple nights. This time we’ll be here for about two weeks, so we’ll get to know New York a little bit better.

Abby: Gov Ball is likely a lot of people’s introduction to Easy Life. For people seeing you for the first time, how would you describe your sound and influences?

Sam: We draw inspiration from a lot of different places. Because there are five of us, we have a lot of ideas and inspirations.

Jordan: Our music tastes are constantly changing. We all listen to completely different things, so it’s hard to specify.

Abby: Your eclectic influences are evident in your song “Sunday” on your new Spaceships Mixtape, for which you recently released a music video.

Murray of Easy Life lets his hair flow in the music video for “Sunday.” 

Cass: Filming that was a really fun day.

Murray: Yes, it was hot and sweaty. There was so much hair in my mouth. If people haven’t seen it, my hair just keeps growing very long throughout. But it was really fun; I had to change wigs often, so it was pretty intense. But it was so much fun. It was a completely stupid idea.

Abby: You also came out with two new singles a few months ago, “Houseplants” and Spaghetti Hoops.”

Cass: Yes, we’re sorry, but they’re very British.

Lewis: Yeah, [Murray] just sings kind of fast.

Sam: They were written quite a while ago, and we gradually built the confidence to release them. We wrote the Spaceships Mixtape after we had written them, but we’re just now finally putting them out. It just felt like the right time.

Abby: What do you have in store after the festival season? Is a debut album in the works?

Cass: Yeah, [an album] is at least a year away. We’re definitely releasing new music before that, but there will probably be an album about a year from now.

Lewis: I feel like to label something an album isn’t necessarily important. We like releasing music, and when we’ve got material and it all fits together, we’ll have an album.

Abby: Do you have anything else exciting planned?

Murray: We’re coming back to tour in the U.S. around late November and December. We’ll see you there!

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