Mack Liederman (Founder & Editor-in-Chief) is a rising senior at Vassar who likes to think he knows everything. But he doesn’t. For the topics he actually knows a little something about, he likes to package that knowledge into neat articles for you to read here. He’ll tell you about the fascinating nexus of sports and culture, basketball x’s and o’s, the inner depths of the internet, music, and any wisdom scrounged up from his political science major. For topics he knows nothing about, he has enlisted the help of his friends at The Miscellany News, and is excited to bring them all together for this new project—The Brewer’s Table. Mack loves em dashes, two-point jump shots, penny boarding, his evil cat, quality journalism and writing right up to the deadline.

Jessica Moss (Senior Editor) is a rising junior at Vassar who has waffled between pursuing political science, history, philosophy, psychology, International Studies and Russian Studies majors before ultimately deciding her original instinct probably the most closely aligned with what she hopes to do with herself in the future. Far more important than these academic trifles, however, is her role as Senior Editor for The Miscellany News. When she isn’t worrying about whether or not she’s making a terrible mistake, or whether or not her phrasing is overly austere, she is busy caffeinating before worrying about it some more. She enjoys lists, playing classical music, long sentences with archaic language, spending Sunday mornings with The New York Times, intellectual adventures and fluffy, yet sinister, cats. This summer, she’s hoping to insert herself into national debates truly nobody asked her opinion about, with the concluding remark: “but that’s none of my business.”

Frankie Knuckles (Senior Editor) is a rising junior at Vassar, pursuing a double major in English and philosophy and a correlate in Women’s Studies, all while serving as a Senior Editor for The Miscellany News. Frankie runs the Misc’s advice column, Quite Frankly, and enjoys sharing personal woes, as well as philosophical approaches to everyday struggles, so that others can learn from them (or laugh at them). Frankie’s summer base is Boston, where days are filled with an editorial internship in the book publishing industry, wanderings around historical sites and writing without deadlines for once. Inspiration comes from many places, including Lorrie Moore, Sara Ahmed, Rainbow Rowell and many memoirists with varying degrees of popularity who share their unique lived experiences, including the likes of George Watsky, Tan France and Michelle Obama. When not writing for the Misc or its affiliate websites, Frankie can be found drinking entirely too much coffee or knitting seasonally inappropriate garments.

Talya Phelps (Table Writer) graduated from Vassar College in 2019 with a film major and a correlate in educational studies. During her four years at The Miscellany News, she served in various roles, including Editor-in-Chief, Contributing Editor and Design Editor, and relished long nights in the newsroom haggling over drop caps and apostrophes. She is now living in New York City and pursuing a career in publishing. Talya enjoys writing cultural commentary, specifically musings on the milieu of Generation Z and the way in which 20-somethings’ distinct frame of reference interprets contemporary books, music and television. Her writerly inspirations include Jia Tolentino, Carrie Battan, Jonathan Franzen and David Sedaris.

Jesser Horowitz (Table Writer) graduated from Vassar College in 2019 with a history major, and is spending his summer working in Westchester as he prepares to begin graduate school at the London School of Economics and Political Science. Jesse likes to think he’s an expert on everything, but thrives on personal narratives about disability rights, heavily researched think-pieces about foreign policy, and bizarre takedowns of random, mostly irrelevant D-list celebrities like David Wolfe and Dr. Phil. Jesse likes to experiment and change up writing styles, but mostly adapts for the material he’s writing about; he often uses quotes to tell the story for him, while interspersing commentary. When not obsessively writing Misc articles, Jesse likes to obsessively watch movies, read books, sing, and perform stand-up.